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Kuo Zei Yang

Modern Fine Art Landscape Photographer / Taiwan

Since college, Kuo Zei Yang traveled around Taiwan on a scooter and captured the nation’s landscapes through the lens of his camera. He brings a modern fine art landscape photography touch to Taiwan and fully showcases his talent and control of his work through shooting and photo editing.

Mr. Kuo started photography in 2013 when he was a college student. He was determined to capture the beauty of Taiwan through photography. In his college years, with a scooter and a tent, he traveled more than one hundred thousand kilometers on the road and earned priceless experiences as a photographer.

Kuo Zei Yang adores nature. He prefers landscapes with minimal human development. That’s why he always seeks secret attractions where people seldom venture. In 2019, Kuo began to focus on the concept of modern fine art landscape photography, which finds a balance between the photographer’s aesthetics and the magnificence of nature.

In his work, Mr. Kuo would like to accentuate the quality, atmosphere, and detail of landscape photography. He likes to adjust the color and brightness of his work and retouch photos to make them closer to the images formed in his creative mind.

Mr. Kuo won 3rd place in the Sony World Photography Awards - and was nominated for the Sony World Photography Award in the Photographer of the Year category.