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What Is the Best Golf Simulator Enclosure?

Custom Golf Simulator Setup

When considering the ideal golf simulator enclosure, it's essential to explore the range of options available to suit your preferences and needs. In the realm of golf simulator enclosures, there are three primary types, each catering to different levels of immersion and customization, spanning from simple hitting nets to intricate room-sized installations. By delving into each enclosure type, we can better comprehend the advantages and drawbacks they present.

Hitting Nets




This first, and most basic, is a hitting net.  This will be paired with a launch monitor, hitting mat, and frequently either an iPad or laptop and a TV.  The TV will typically be mounted on the wall, and will display where you hit the ball and the telemetry (club angle, ball spin, etc) gathered by the launch monitor.  What information is gathered will depend on the launch monitor.


While this kind of enclosure is the cheapest, it’s also the least immersive.  After your swing, you don’t look forward like you would on a golf course.  Instead, you look up on the wall at the TV so see your ball flight – if you manage to turn and look in time to see it.

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Impact Screens

Impact screens come in all shapes and sizes – from small 1:1 aspect ratio to large 16:10 aspect ratio, and it’s important to understand what exactly an aspect ratio is, and how it might inform your decision.  In it’s most basic form, aspect ratios are different squares:  a 1:1 aspect ratio will be 1 unit wide by one unit tall.  A 16:10 will be 16 units wide by 10 tall.  By far the most common in everyday life is 16:9.  This is what virtually all TV screens, computer monitors, and lapstop screens will have – and most importantly, the only way to display a 4K image.


These can vary widely in price.  Whether it’s screen material, the depth of the enclosure, or simply the size, all of these mean the cost of an impact screen can vary – sometimes by thousands of dollars. Something else to keep in mind is turf and hitting surfaces.  How much space do you have available?  Will your golf simulator be on a raised platform, or lightly padded turf?  As you build your golf simulator, these will be important questions you’ll have to answer in addition to the impact screen.

Custom Golf Simulator Installations

If all of this feels a bit overwhelming, that’s OK.  There is always the option of having an installer take care of all the planning and installation for you.  Some of these may not even involve an enclosure, instead using custom padding attached to the walls and a custom frame for the screen.  Although there is a premium price attached, that is the only headache you will have.  Plus, with your input, you can truly make the golf simulator of your dreams.  Or man-cave.  Or family entertainment room – it's really up to you.

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