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How to Set up Multiple Displays for Your Golf Sim?

Multiple displays are increasingly popular in golf simulator environments. Golfers can increase their golf sim visuals and open several programs simultaneously without switching between windows, as they are no longer restricted to a single display. Let’s read on to find out how to connect multiple displays to a laptop or desktop PC for your golf simulator.

Connect a PC to Multiple Displays

The majority of modern laptops and desktop PCs support connecting multiple displays by default. All you need to consider are the ports on your end device and which displays, such as projectors, monitors, or TVs you’d like to connect. .


HDMI has cemented itself as the most useful and popular cable and connection of choice for hooking up consumer display devices. DisplayPort, on the other hand, continues to dominate home offices and PC gaming, with the latest DisplayPort 2.1 standard setting itself up to be the high -performance connection in the years to come. It is similar to HDMI and transmits high quality audio and high frame rate video. Thus, the connection is particularly suitable for 4K visuals. Desktops and even laptops often have DisplayPort and can be connected to different screens that also have DisplayPort. For displays without DisplayPort, an adapter is required. Thanks to multi-stream transport protocols, multiple displays can be connected via DisplayPort and coupled to a desktop PC or laptop via a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.


Some golfers may connect their desktop PC or laptop to a TV to use the same space as for golfing and home entertainment.  If this is the case for you, you should consider connecting a soundbar such as Sonos Beam to the TV via HDMI ARC, which most modern televisions support.

Once you connect one or more displays to your desktop PC or laptop, you can set them up in Windows. Windows usually detects display devices connected to computers automatically.

Proceed as follows in Windows:

  1.  Right-click on a free desktop area and select “Display".
  2.  Under “Display” and “Multiple displays” you will see the display devices detected by Windows, e.g., one or more monitors.
  3.  Choose and confirm the right resolution for each connected display.
  4.  The quick menu for display options can be accessed with the Windows + P shortcut. Click “Extend” to use the desktop on all connected monitors.

Connect Your Launch Monitors to PC

There are several connection types of launch monitors that connect to desktop PCs or laptops, including:  

  1.  USB-C
  2.  Ethernet (Cat 5/6/7/10) cables
  3.  Wi-Fi 
  4.  Bluetooth


The best connection type is determined by your use case.  USB-C is simple and easy but has a limited range. It is ideal for a setup where the PC is nearby. Ethernet is better for a consistent connection where your PC is further away. This can reach over 60ft if needed and maintain a solid connection. Wi-Fi is ideal for a residential location where you have little to no interference and want to have a wireless setup with as few cables as possible. However, with Wi-Fi there is always the possibility of a dropped connection, requiring you to reconnect during use, but some prefer the wireless option and don’t mind having to reconnect from time to time. Some models can easily connect to your phone or computer via Bluetooth for app usage and information.

There are many different methods and technologies involved in connecting multiple displays for your golf sim setup. Fortunately, they’re all rather easy to work with and the benefits of having more display space outweighs some of the challenges involved. Definitely worth considering!

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