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“With BenQ Golf Mode, the lush greens, slopes of bunkers, and giant cottonwood trees are vivid and beautiful shown in the midwestern links jewel.“

By GSPro Designer Judd Shea & Chris Anderson

There are several types of golf courses with distinct characteristics and landscapes around the world. Link course was first developed in Scotland, derived from the Scottish word “Hlinc”, which means "rising ground" or "ridge". They are usually built on sandy soil with trees and bunkers, which creates a naturally undulating and windswept terrain.

Inside the U.S., the picturesque Inland Link is located in Hutchinson, Kansas, a small town with a population of 40,000 residents. The course is considered one of the most beautiful inland links in the Midwest. It is consistently ranked among the top 50 best courses in the United States by Golf Digest. Its rich historical background, stunning natural beauty, and challenging layout make it a must-visit destination for golfers worldwide. A golf simulator allows players to experience the course without the difficulty of traveling, which can be challenging to access.

The course is an exciting compilation of challenging components. The bunkers are green with humps and bumps, and the fairways are rumpled. The unique beauty is built on sand amidst the prairie grasses that sway in the breezes of the plains. For golfers, many of the uphill approach shots and the multi-tiered green with sand hills are well-protected by bunkers surrounding them.

Beautiful TeeBox, Tree Designs

Numerous aspects of golf courses can showcase beauty, including the architecture, landscapes, and breathtaking natural views. The unique tee boxes and marker design on the course, combined with the vibrant trees and coloring, make it truly distinctive.

The “Gunch” – Challenge The Golfer’s Skill

The green is guarded by multiple bunkers, with rolling hills on either side. The slope of the bunkers and fairways naturally creates a landscape with sand, grasses, and cottonwoods.

"Detailed, painstaking custom 3D Blender work was used to create enhanced vertex-painted 3D grass, bunker shaping, and brand-new iconic trees. With BenQ Golf Mode, the lush greens, slopes of bunkers, and giant cottonwood trees are vivid and beautiful shown in the midwestern links jewel."

"The layer of clouds and sun in the sky, contrasts of both subtle and bold grass colors blowing in the breeze, every hour of design work shine in LK936ST 4k detail. Just as our designer's dreams imagined!"

The natural humps, ripples, and undulations throughout the course create an enjoyable and scenic experience. With the gentle breeze and sandy hills surrounding you, take the opportunity to play a classic masterpiece and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery.

Meet The Designers

Judd Shea

Judd is a professional GSPro designer, who has a big passion for golf and technology. Combining both interest and creativity to bring the best course outlook to indoor golfers.

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Chris Anderson

Chris is a 3D artist specializing in graphic design and 3D modeling. He has expertise in shaping the details of various terrains, bunkers, and levels of clouds and crafting the design into a vivid course look.

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