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“Using my BenQ LK936ST is like being inside an aquarium, flying over the Earth, or standing on Mars. All in clear, colorful 4K which spans your entire field of vision. Like a home mini IMAX“

by Ronen Kleiman

My Golf Sim, Movie Theatre, Virtual Environments and Sporting Events, the Ultimate Man Cave!

I’ve been using the BenQ LK936ST projector since June of 2022 when I upgraded my Golf Simulator from a 10x10 screen paired with a 16:9 1080p projector. The jump to a 19’ diagonal, 4K, 5100-lumen projection was epic. From everyone’s reaction, they agree.

My setup was always designed to be used as a Golf Sim, a Movie Theatre, and a place to watch sporting events. I transformed my basketball court into a multi-media room setup. I also curved the flooring up into the screen so that the green I’m hitting and putting on, extends into the virtual environment for a more immersive experience. It’s also great for ball return for putts, as balls roll up and then back down to you. The dimensions of my golf area are W17’ x D15’ x H12’ with another 20’ behind for a ping pong table and lounge seating.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W17’ x H12’x D15’

Impact Screen: W17’ x H10’

Projector: BenQ LK936ST

Launch Monitor: Uneekor QED

Software: GSPro / TGC2019

As a movie theatre setup, it’s amazing. It’s a 7.1 Dolby Atmos setup with overhead speakers, a 19’ diagonal (W17’xH10‘) Carl’s Place premium impact screen, and the BenQ LK936ST laser projector, which is what brings it all together. The picture quality is impeccable. I stream 4K content from the Oceans, Satellites, and Mars from YouTube for my kids. Because this is a short -throw projector, we can almost walk right up to the screen without casting a shadow on it and immerse ourselves in the environment. It’s like being at the Aquarium or flying over the Earth or standing on Mars, all in clear, colorful 4K which spans your entire field of vision. Like a home mini IMAX.

The 5100 lumen brightness delivers excellent picture quality. As a golf simulator, the projector is also excellent at projecting a bright sharp image in 4K. It’s a really sweet setup!

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