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“Color is the first priority from a designer’s perspective. For every course design, I use the LK936ST projector to make sure the 3D grass, rock details, and colors are natural to those you’ll see in real life, and the way pops up vividly are really captivating. “

by GSPro Designer Judd Shea

Making a connection between two passions related to technology and design has always been an appealing concept to me. The combination of technology and design brought me to the GSPro course creation scene. I’ve crafted over 84 courses so far, and my goal is to help indoor golfers enjoy the most natural and realistic experiences possible and bring them as close as I can to the level of outdoor practice.  

In making sure this is possible, color is the first priority from a designer’s perspective. I use Photoshop and design software to paint the color, using the real course as a reference for the one I’m designing from different angles. I’ve upgraded my golf sim room three times so far, but before getting the BenQ 4K LK936ST projector with its dedicated golf mode and specially-designed colors, I could not achieve the level of precision I can manage now. For every course design, I use the projector to make sure the 3D grass, rock details, and colors are natural to those you’ll see in real life if you visit the same location in person. I can now preview natural colors and therefore make the most of my design software.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W15’ x H9’ x D15‘

Impact Screen: 14'8" x 8’8”

Projector: BenQ LK936ST

Launch Monitor: Uneekor Eye Xo

Software: GSPro

How to Fill up Your 4:3 Screen?

Let’s take my latest designs as examples. Top of The Rocks is the first ever par-3 course to be included in a PGA championship and is located right next to Payne’s Valley, on top of a hill. I made the rock flips in different angles, so you can see the dark vs. bright contrast and precision details from any angle. The stone chapel building grew naturally from the landscape, with views of lush rolling terrain where people often get married due to the great atmosphere and beautiful views.

Apart from places with rocky terrain, the heavily tree-lined, tropical parkland course at Mark Bostick Golf Course near the University of Florida Gainesville is a must mention. The layout is simple and great for beginners and skilled golfers alike. The new course design is inspired by combining University of Florida colors (blue and orange) as the main theme for custom carts, ball washer tees, and flags. The palm trees, oaks, pines, and tropical plants all present crystal clear, and water reflections are true to life when projecting with the 4K LK936ST. Layering on the 3D grass is spectacular, as the dark paths and the way pops vividly are really captivating.

I will continue to bring beautiful designs to the golfing community, and having the BenQ LK936ST projector to work with certainly will make that pledge much easier to fulfill.

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