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“My experience with the LK936ST is nothing short of outstanding! The photorealistic lifelike feeling on the screen looks so natural and you truly do feel like you’re there. “

by GSPro Designer Brent Wells

My experience with the LK936ST is nothing short of outstanding. I have owned 10-12 projectors over the years going all the way back to 720p. I've used them at work, in my audio video home theater hobby, and now in my golf simulator room. I currently have 2 projector areas - a dedicated home theater and the golf simulator room. This new LK936ST laser 4k projector simply blows my dedicated home theater projector away. I now make my living designing golf courses for GSPro. I have struggled in the past knowing if my courses would look good on the best projectors. However now that I have the BenQ LK936ST projector I can use this incredible projector to validate my work. As an example, with the new release of Georgia Golf Club. I've been able to find a number of ways to improve the course to get the most out of the projector and take this course to the next level.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W20’ x H9’6" x D13'

Impact Screen: W8’ x H8'

Projector: BenQ LK936ST

Launch Monitor: ForeSight GC2

Software: GSPro

I’ve decided to add numerous azaleas throughout the course and make them move with the wind in this version. I also modified colors on them and they really pop off the screen with this projector yet look completely natural. In total, I've replaced about 90% of the trees with more accurate versions that show the 4k brilliance of this projector. With this projector, details of the historical spot like the bridges look so good that I've added more for this version. You'll have to play it to find them all! The photorealistic lifelike feeling on the screen looks so natural and you truly do feel like you’re there.

To be able to now get good black levels, 5100 lumens, and accurate color, all with 4k, HDR, and laser (no need to replace bulbs and no degradation of quality)??? INSANE!! The overall quality of the lens seems outstanding. I've been able to really dial in the crispness of the 4k image. The HDR support is fantastic. I've watched multiple HDR videos on Youtube and the image quality is breathtaking. Connectivity was easy, I was able to use my existing cables with no issues. Keystone correction - I mean wow - the auto correction features and the corner correct features make installation a breeze. Noise levels are very good. The projector takes very little time to start up before producing a very bright image which is amazing!  No more having to wait for the bulb to warm up - turn it on and start playing golf! The vibrance of the image and color accuracy is spot on, in multiple modes. I'm really not sure what else I could ask for or need from a projector. It's absolutely AMAZING what BenQ has put together with the LK936ST. I'm simply blown away. It's like playing like you are actually there!

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