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The Crown Jewel Course With A Storied History Of Hosting National Championships

“The 4K LK936ST sharpness vividly presented the deep bunker shapes, and layer of grass on the course“

By GSPro Designer Chris Anderson


Are you an advanced golfer seeking skill improvement and willing to take challenges? The 36 holes contain both East and West courses. The variety of bunker designs curled and slumped around the edges, amidst rolling hills offering stunning views. An outstanding array of excellently crafted and challenging holes in the landscape featuring sand dunes, natural bunkers, rolling hills, and savannah-like terrain.

Classic Parkland with Lush Greens Swinging in the Breeze

The typical parkland design features tree-lined paths and lush greenery. The gentle breeze sways the grass, creating astonishing scenes that offer breathtaking views. “The LK936ST perfectly reproduced my design on the screen, 3D grasses, and clubhouse vividly PoPs right in front of my eyes” , said by the designer.


Experience The Amazing Slopes Where the Championship Was Made

The course is a thrilling collection of challenging elements, which contains humps and bumps. In hole No. 7, one of the classic bunker challenges, the tilted and tightly trapped green has the highest and lowest spots on both sides.

The strategic complexity is intriguing with each shot. Big hitters may choose to create attacking angles, while small hitters aim to keep the ball in the short grass and minimize risks.

Join the game, and enjoy the major moment with us! The course is available for download on GSPro.

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