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You Can See the Contrast between Dark and Bright in Trees, Rocky Terrains, and the Shadows Cast by the Sun

“With a multimedia 4K projector, immediately turn your golf play into a gaming center. You can certainly have fun with a skyline view!"

By GSPro Designer Judd Shea


Central Park, nestled in the heart of the East Coast City, is an urban oasis that transcends the bustling metropolis surrounding it. Its sprawling greenery and peaceful atmosphere make it seem like a captivating forest in the heart of one of the world's largest urban centers. A modern city icon and one of the most filmed locations in the world.

Can you imagine golf in the city center? A stunning panorama of the downtown skyline and mountains offers the best view as you enjoy your round of golf. This 18-hole golf course was created by 2 talented designers – Judd Shea and Ryan Deyer. The course overflowing with charm and epic atmosphere. 10 challenging games designed for golfers to play at all levels.


Embrace The Stunning City Skyline View All At Once

The course has a combination of natural and urban views. The fairways are lined with lush greens and various types of trees, which are vividly depicted in 4K, surrounded by natural flowering vegetation, lush greens, and side bunkers.

The custom-crafted boulder tee signs, colorful opening tee boxes, and markers made the course distinctive. The rocks are flipped with different angles, and the grass is waving in the wind.

“The cottonwood trees, oaks, and beech trees look true to life when projected with the 4K LK936ST." You can see the contrast between dark and bright in trees, rocky terrains, and the shadows cast by the sun with breathtaking city views” – Said By the Designer.


10 Interactive Challenges for Multiplayers To Game

The course features 10 customized games, including Poker, Tic-Tac-Toe, Fire & Ice for multiplayer use. From beginners to advanced players, kids to adults, golfers of all levels can enjoy all at once.

"Unlike a normal 18-hole golf course, we designed numerous interactive scoring games into the range. With a multimedia 4K projector, immediately turn your golf play into a gaming center. You can certainly have fun with a skyline view!" - Said by the designer.


Ready To Game On ?

In 2024, a whole new year of games is upon us. With the start of this brand-new thrilling course for indoor golfers. In early Feb, it will be up on GSPro for you to download. Take a swing, and let the competition begin!

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