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“The LH820ST golf mode lit up the screen with colorful real world accuracy. Fairway grass, bunkers, and wavy water hazards pop visually to improve the realism of my golf simulation.“

by John Rogers

When I started my search for a new golf simulator projector, I had a laundry list of criteria it had to have. I studied many options for about a month and settled on the BenQ LH820ST. After I set up my projector and turned it on, within a few minutes I realized that I had made the right decision. What a MASSIVE improvement! It transformed my golf sim into a highly immersive experience. The dedicated GOLF MODE brings out the greens and blues beautifully. The projected image lit up the screen with colorful real-world accuracy. Fairway grass, bunkers, and wavy water hazards pop visually to improve the realism of my golf simulation. I cannot overstate enough how much this projector improved my golf sim setup. I had hit tens of thousands of balls into my golf sim but had never experienced the realism that this projector delivers.

I have an 8.4x8.4 square golf sim enclosure powered by the Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor. Using a 1x1 ratio is a PROBLEM for most projectors. But with BenQ I was able to dial in a 1x1 ratio screen within 10 minutes. The LH820ST has both horizontal and vertical keystones along with digital lens shift and corner fit made it all easy. Due to my limited garage space, I had to mount my projector slightly offset to the right. I was able to use the digital lens shift feature to adjust my image without repositioning my projector and putting it in an unsafe area. This gave me peace of mind so that I could freely swing any club without worrying about damaging my projector.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W29 x H11 x D21 ft ( 3 car garage )

Golf Space: W10' x H11' x D21'

Impact Screen: W8.4’ x H8.4’

Projector: BenQ LH820ST

Launch Monitor: Garmin R10

Software: GSPro

The LH820ST checks every box in the list of features I needed and wanted. A perfect fit for my limited space and visually turns my golf sim into a vivid, immersive experience. If you are looking for a short-throw projector that is bright and colorful and packed with features, this is it! My golf buddies were blown away by the upgrade when they came over.

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