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Projectors / Portable Projector / GV30 / Review & Recommendations

Portable Projector with Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker | GV30

  • 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker with Extra Bass

  • 720p HD Resolution & 300 ANSI Lumens with Android TV

  • 135° Projection Angle with Auto Focus & Vertical Keystone


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Media Review
Couples in Lockdown Day 1 vs Day 30

by Wah!Bananae

A wiseman once said, if you can survive past the 30 day, you can survive past the marriage too. To aid in your survival, check out BenQ Smart Projector Now!

Thoughtful design! BenQ GV30 Portable Mini Projector review!

By NL Tech

If you're looking for a *real* portable projector, then the BenQ GV30 should be on your list. It's fantastic and has a very thoughtful design. Perhaps you can even upgrade it in the future too, since the Android TV stick is a separate component.

不接电也能用的投影机BenQ GV30?! 世界首款2.1声道+重低音喇叭的迷你LED便携式投影机!这是天花板级别了吧!!

By Zing Gadget

最近真的越来越多人想入手一台便携式投影机了!放在家里深夜煲剧简直不要太爽!这不,今天给你分享的这款,可说是天花板级别的便携式投影机!! 荣获了非常多的奖项!想知道它到底便携在哪里、好用在哪里,就来看今天这期影片吧!!

Zodiac Signs On A Valentine’s Movie Night!

By Night Owl Cinematics

Get your hands on this awesome GV30 LED Mini Projector for a perfect movie night with your date! You can bring cinema experience right to your own room or wherever you are!

BenQ GV30 Mini LED Portable Projector - Award Winning Projector For Small Homes

By ProductNation

We managed to get our hands on the BenQ GV30 Projector which has won multiple awards and is the best-selling portable projector in Taiwan and Japan. For a good reason, it has excellent picture quality for something so small coupled with great built-in speakers.

自制户外电影院|约女神大跳刘畊宏|开箱便携式投影仪BenQ GV30!

By Miko Wong

不得不赞一下BENQ GV30的音质真系某得顶 尤其是低音, 让电影的刺激感更加显现 !画面在光线暗的地方表现可以说是完美,想要入手一台便携式投影仪 敢敢入手就对了!