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BenQ Malaysia announces the ZOWIE EC-B Series and G-SR SE is now available!



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March02, 2018 – BenQ Corp. announced the ZOWIE EC-B series which come equipped with the 3360 sensor, and G-SR SE mousepad, both providing gamers with a different mouse tracking feel. Today it’s now available in Malaysia!


In addition to a different sensor, the EC-B series has a USB report rate switch with indicator lights at the bottom of the mouse. This makes adjusting your settings more convenient and allows you to check your mouse rate without the need for additional software.

Two other changes in the EC-B series are the position of the DPI indicator light and the mouse feet. The DPI indicator light is now on the bottom of the mouse while the 2 large mouse feet have been replaced with 4 smaller ones.

On top of the EC-B release, we have another piece of good news to share. In our continuing commitment to the Counter-Strike series, we have collaborated with Valve and will release CS:GO version of EC-B series for fans of both CS:GO and ZOWIE later. Please stay tuned to our social media for information regarding both versions in your region.

ZOWIE G-SR SE is our answer to all who have asked us for the feeling of the old G-SR blue mousepad. We are aware that even though the G-SR black has the same surface, people feel a difference due to the lack of print on the surface. G-SR SE has a printed design, which makes it have the exact feeling as the old ZOWIE G-SE blue which some player miss.


The EC1-B and EC2-B is now available in our LAZADA Brand Shop.

LAZADA BenQ Brand Shop:

EC-B Series MSRP: $419 MYR


Please stay tune to our social for more information on the EC-B CS:GO Version.