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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements


BenQ Debuts New Flagship XL2430T, XL2730Z & XL2420G Professional Gaming Monitor Crafted for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

BenQ Debuts New Flagship XL2430T, XL2730Z & XL2420G Professional Gaming Monitor Crafted for the Ultimate Gaming Experience


The Finest, Smoothest and Fastest Gaming Performance Ever Delivered by the Best Gaming Monitor Brand in Market

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, Mar 10th, 2015 – BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider and renowned professional gaming monitor pioneer, announced today the launch of its next-generation Professional Gaming Series monitor: the XL2430T. The 2014 red dot award winner is a full package of gaming-focused solutions tailored to bring out the best gaming performance in every gamer. Together alongside BenQ Malaysia also introduce the XL2730Z which is equipped with the latest features, including QHD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time and the latest VESA Display Port Adaptive-Sync technology and XL2420G world’s first hybrid engine G-SYNC gaming monitor.
BenQ XL2430T
Sporting a sharp, rosso-corsa-(racing red)-in-black exterior complemented by ergonomic adjustment features, a luxurious aluminum stand and a rock-solid base, the XL2430T is designed to win the eyes of the gaming world and built to conquer the heart of every gamer with a one-of-a-kind gaming-focused solution package:

A seamless gameplay is one of the key focus aspects of gaming monitor development for BenQ. The XL2430T’s fast 1ms GTG response time and Motion Blur Reduction technology greatly enhance the visual fluidity of every gameplay, particularly for action-packed FPS games where every millisecond count. Together with Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management for optimized refresh rates of 100/120/144Hz, an incomparably smooth gaming experience is delivered in one stop.

Truly innovative, the XL2430T gives you 100% precise control inside and out – featuring three new features on top of BenQ’s signature Game Mode Loader, Display Mode and Smart Scaling designs. Accessible via On Screen Display (OSD) or Display Pilot, the 20-level Color Vibrance settings optimize gaming precision by rendering colors that meet specific viewing requirements and preferences for all types of gameplay. New Adjustment Scale Design now comes with 14 height levels track able by a moving marker as well as track able scales for tilt and swivel adjustments so gamers can duplicate the exact same monitor set-up with the highest accuracy, efficiency and convenience. New Black eQualizer can automatically detect the type of game being played and adjust the backlight brightness level for optimized visibility, bringing a whole new level of precision and ease.


Another aspect of gaming monitor design that BenQ has been striving to perfect is offering an intuitive gaming experience through highly and easily customizable gaming gears and software, such as Display Pilot. With the XL2430T, BenQ introduces three new features. Accessible through the On Screen Display (OSD) setting, Display Pilot or the new S Switch, Auto Game Mode detects the genre of the game being played and either switches the display setting to the corresponding game mode automatically or makes new game mode recommendations for download. Game Mode to Go enables universal game mode access on the go, allowing gamers to save game modes onto a USB flash drive for easy and simple carriage. Game modes can even be shared via Cloud storage or social media platforms for group sharing and collaboration. Lastly, the new S Switch not only has a quick key for Auto Game Mode but a rounder look for a more natural and comfortable grip that allows easy navigation between game modes.

Eye care has been one of BenQ’s primary focus since 2013 and the company has since extended its commitment to safeguard eye vision and comfort to its Professional Gaming Monitor lineup. The XL2430T is no exception. The monitor features BenQ’s unique Low Blue Light Modes and Gaming-comfort Flicker-free technology for the most comfortable and healthy viewing experience.

BenQ XL2730Z
The XL2730Z is built to exceed your expectations with performance-driven features a professional gamer could ever hope for. The finest image details are delivered by a QHD resolution, the next step up from full HD. With up to 77% more on-screen space, everything is clearer and sharper. The smoothest motion and maneuverability are made possible by 144Hzrefresh rate, a blistering fast 1msGTG response time, and Motion Blur Reduction. All fast-moving action and dramatic transitions are rendered smoothly without smearing or ghosting. So every movement made can be displayed simultaneously on screen. The fastest response time is enabled by VESA Standard Adaptive-Sync, which is incorporated into theXL2730 to support all Free sync-compatible AMD Radeon™ graphics cards to deliver a stuffer-free performance.
Precise Control: Take Chargeof Your Gaming Destiny
The XL2730Z is meticulously developed to optimize the gameplay from optimized visibility to color precision and tailored user experience. There is the proprietary Black eQualizer color engine technology, which maximizes visibility and preserves critical details by brightening dark scenes and the 20 levels of Color Vibrance settings that meet gamers’ specific viewing requirements and preferences for all genres of games. For a customized viewing experience for in-game simulation or personal preferences, there are the 8 screen sizes of the Display Mode (17”/19”/19”W/21.5”/22”W/23”W/23.6”W/24”) to choose from and the Smart Scaling feature to further fine-tune the screen size. This customized viewing experience is extended to the hardware design of the monitor, with the adjustment scale designed to mark down gamers’ unique monitor settings so the same experience can be delivered each and every time. Last but not least, gamers are free to access a wide selection of gaming presets designed by legendary gamers and use them to their advantage with the Game Mode Loader.

Intuitive Experience: Gameplay Made Ever So User Friendly
BenQ has incorporated several features to build the friendliest gaming experience. The Display Pilot offers convenient on-screen display adjustments and instant access to various features. The Auto Game Mode automatically detects the genre of game being played and matches it to its preset color setting. The Game Mode to Go feature lets gamers save their screen settings and import them to another PC via a USB flash drive or Cloud at a different location. Furthermore, there is the S Switch. Sporting around, compact look, this hardware gear offers a better grip and an auto key that enables quick switching between auto game modes and customized modes.

GamingEye-Care: Added Eye Comfort for Long Duration of Gameplay
To safeguard gamers’ eyes from the exposure to harmful blue spectrum lights and eye-discomforting flickers, the XL2730Z is built with BenQ’s Low Blue Light Modes and Flicker-free Technology to reduce blue spectrum light emission and eliminate flickering at all brightness levels, reducing potential eye damage and physical discomforts in exchange for a more comfortable gaming experience.

BenQ XL2420G
Boasting a pioneering hybrid engine design, the all-new XL2420G has everything you can ask for in a gaming monitor – world-leading BenQ display craftsmanship and the irritable smoothness of NIVIDIA G-SYNC technology on top of a stunning 24” 1ms GTG LED display. All it takes is a simple switch of input cables to match your choice of gameplay:

NIVIDIA-powered G-SYNC Mode
NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology puts the GPU in charge for unprecedented buttery smooth, ultra-responsive gameplay. The G-SYNC Mode synchronizes the monitor’s display refresh rates to the GPU to ensure images appear instantly the moment they are rendered, effectively eliminating frame rate artifacts seen in high-motion gaming, like screen tearing, display stutter and input lag. Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) is also at your disposal to smooth the way for a near-zero motion blur performance.

Proprietary Classic Mode
A hybrid engine design enables BenQ to infuse its state-of-the-art design DNA into the XL2420G. The Classic Mode brings total display maneuverability to gamers in favor of customizable gameplay and ensures the best gaming experience is delivered for games unsupported by G-SYNC. The extensive customizable display settings include: Motion Blur Reduction and Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management (100/120/144Hz) for Perfect Motion and Fast Gaming; Black eQualizer and Smart Scaling for being Precise in Control; S Switch and Display Pilot for the most Intuitive Experience; and Gaming Eye-Care with BenQ’s Low Blue Light and Gaming-comfort Flicker-free technologies.

The launch of the XL2430T, XL2730Z and XL2420G marks a new breakthrough in gaming display technology and a substantial step forward for BenQ. As the company continue to perfect its gaming display design, more best-of-class monitors can be expected sweep pro gamers and gaming enthusiasts off their feet.

The BenQ XL2430T/XL2730Z/XL2420G will be available from middle of March 2015 retailing at RM 1699/RM 2999/RM 2899 respectively. For more information, please visit and

Model Size Price
XL2430T 24” RM 1,699
XL2730Z 27” RM 2,999
XL2420G 24” RM 2,899