BenQ Launches 4G LTE Smartphones in Malaysia

BenQ Launches 4G LTE Smartphones in Malaysia


Latest smartphones by BenQ feature 4G LTE, 4x Ultra Sensitivity Mode and Low Blue Light Technology to provide fast connectivity, superior camera quality and vision friendly

Kuala Lumpur, September 23, 2014 – BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, officially unveiled the BenQ F5 and BenQ T3 smartphones today. The introduction of the smartphones marks BenQ’s entry into the mobile industry in Malaysia.
The BenQ F5 and BenQ T3 smartphones offer three distinctive features, namely 4G LTE, 4x Ultra Sensitivity Mode camera and Low Blue Light Technology. The smartphones are designed to enrich user experience and provide innovation that is relevant to users.
“BenQ is committed to do more for the consumers and there is no exception for the Malaysian market. Our current market presence is now growing and with us introducing the F5 and T3 smartphones the outlook is even more promising. BenQ’s people-driven technologies such as the 4x Ultra Sensitivity Mode and Low Blue Light Technology are pertinent features that are developed based on consumers demand. We are confident that the BenQ F5 and T3 will be well received by Malaysians as it brings people closer to technology, creating memorable moments and enhancing their mobile experience.” said Adrian Chang, Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Products Group, BenQ Corporation.

BenQ F5 and T3 powered by 4G LTE
The exponential growth of the mobile phone penetration rate in Malaysia which currently stands at more than 150% (as of April 2014, based on MCMC statistics) and the increasing access to social media content have changed the way consumers work and play. Powered by 4G LTE High Speed Main chip (Cat.4), consumers can enjoy high speed download of up to 150Mbps. With the internet becoming an essential part of life, everyone is able to enjoy an uninterrupted and seamless internet experience.

Pictures Come to Life with 4x Ultra Sensitivity Mode
The 4x ultra sensitivity mode feature on the F5 and T3 is an innovative technology developed by BenQ that enhances picture quality in various light settings. It works perfectly well even in dark or dimly lighted spots. The F5 and T3 are equipped with 13 and 8 megapixel rear cameras respectively. The commitment to provide consumers fantastic picture quality is further supported with BSI (Backside Illumination), a feature that provides four times light-capturing of each pixel to create clearer shots. Users need not worry anymore if they are snapping photos in a club, having a candle light dinner or even during a fireworks display at night.
There is more good news for those who love taking photos and recording videos as the BenQ F5 and T3 are able to simplify the whole process. The Smile Detection Mode creates a blur free picture especially if your hands tend to tremble while taking a selfie. The process of taking a picture is perfected with the ability of the BenQ F5’s Voice Control Shutter, which automatically snaps a picture with a voice command.
The attention to detail is proven with the inclusion of the HFR (High Frame Rate) feature that enables users to capture split second videos. This means memorable moments are never missed with the flexibility to record video and snap still photos at the same time to save the best split-second moment.

Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Emittance
The excess usage of electronic devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones has increased users’ exposure to blue light. Blue light can be harmful to our eyes and may cause age-related macular degeneration which can lead to significant vision loss.
BenQ acknowledges this issue and has therefore incorporated into the F5 and T3 a feature to minimize blue light exposure with the low blue light technology derived from BenQ LCD monitors. With low blue light technology, users are able to fine-tune the brightness level that is friendly to the eyes depending on three common scenarios; multimedia (-30%), web browsing (-50%) and reading (-70%). Gadget enthusiasts and users who spend long hours on their phones can now select the brightness level to have a worry-free experience whilst enjoying their time on the internet.

Strategic Partnership with ECS
BenQ’s foray into the local market is also supported by its strategic partnership with ECS ICT Berhad (ECS) whose wholly-owned subsidiary ECS ASTAR Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed as the distributor for BenQ smartphones in Malaysia.
“We are equally thrilled to be part of BenQ’s entry into the mobile business in Malaysia. The affordable yet cutting-edge smartphone segment is certainly an exciting high-growth market, and we are pleased to play a role in its expansion together with BenQ. With our nationwide distribution network of retailers backed with the BenQ’s brand promise, we are confident that the F5 and T3 will be a great success in Malaysia,” said Foo Sen Chin, Managing Director of ECS ICT Berhad.
The F5 and T3 runs on Android Kitkat (4.4.2) will be available from 23rd September 2014 retailing at RM799.00 and RM599.00 respectively.