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BenQ Launches New Digital Signage PID Series as Means to Effective Visual Communications via Public Information Display and Video Wall Solutions

BenQ Launches New Digital Signage PID Series as Means to Effective Visual Communications via Public Information Display and Video Wall Solutions


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 5th, 2013 – BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, announced today the launch of its new digital signage lineup for public information display {PID} and video wall solutions: the PID Series. As a brand that constantly strives to provide the best-of-breed products in the consumer, professional and commercial categories, BenQ never ceases to surprise and amaze its users in the search for top-notch quality. The new PID range has been deliberately designed to meet every digital signage need in public information, transportation, government, banking, retail and hospitality venues, with low total cost of ownership (TCO), solid quality, versatile performance, longer service life and environment adaptability.

With a full range of distinctive, considerate features, BenQ's new PID range empowers users to take their big ideas to their customers with absolute brilliance and incredible technical ease on deployment, configuration and management: (Specification may vary by model.)
• MDA (Multiple Display Administrator) application controls up to 98 displays simultaneously through the local network or serial port,
• Color Calibration offers the option of automatic color profile unification across all screens for the best aggregated presentation through a central PC.
• Super Narrow Bezel achieves an incredible 5.6mm active-active gap, with 3.5mm top and left and 2.1mm bottom and right, to provide a virtually seamless viewing experience for all.
• DisplayPort raises the bar for digital audio/video transmission with a 10.8 Gbps bandwidth to keep all content attractive and distortion-free in longer distances.
• OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) created by Intel empowers digital signage displays with expandability, flexibility and upgradeability at lower costs.
• Digital/Analog Daisy Chain helps deliver high-quality mirrored contents to different locations, or build a huge multi-display, single-image video wall via one DVI port on the controller PC or VGA cables respectively without using splitters.

BenQ's PID range is comprised of three unique series and a selection of software features to answer every need:
• Mainstream SL Series for single PID digital signage needs in convenient stores, shopping spaces or fast food places, as well as for landscape or portrait modes
• Interactive Touch IL Series for closer customer engagement with 6-point touch interactivity for the 42", 46" and 55" models and 2-point touch interactivity for the 65" model to create more business opportunities
• Super Narrow Bezel P Series for an unbeatable viewing experience thanks to its virtually invisible bezel design with an incredible 5.6mm active-active gap
• Exclusive BenQ Software for the best integrated solutions, including the MDA application for easy, simultaneous control over 98 displays and the Color Calibration software for total image consistency, especially when it comes to side-by-side video walls

"In today's world, businesses and organizations must be versatile, creative and engaging to stay ahead of their game. To help them get their messages across to their customers, we must do the same. And this is why you find BenQ carrying a great variety of PID products and services," said Peter Chen, General Manager of BenQ's Technology Product Center. "We believe, by adopting a holistic approach to meet our customers' needs, overseeing everything from content deployment, configuration to management, we are not only providing our customers with a one-stop solution to their digital signage needs but also setting us apart from our competition. It's really a win-win situation."

The BenQ PID product range will be available worldwide in June 2013. For more information, please visit