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Monitors / Home & Office Monitor / GW2480T | Height Adjustable Eye-Care IPS 24 inch Monitor Brightness Intelligence / Review & Recommendations

Eye-Care Monitor for Students | GW2480T

  • 24-inch for proper viewing distance

  • Ergonomics for better seating position

  • Eye-care technology for eye comfort


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User Experience

"Being delivered out less than 24 hours after i submitted the order. I bought this monitor with the intention to have a second monitor but it end up became my primary monitor because of the eye care technology tu mata tak sakit. Dah 2minggu guna, saya suka!!! Good for work and study purposes 👍"




"perfect for students/people working from home 😁 love it so much!!"




"The computer gw2480t will arrive in 4 days. This computer is suitable for students to take online classes. The computer can be adjusted in multiple angles, which is very convenient. It has anti-blue light technology. After watching the screen for a long time, the eyes will not be tired."




"One of the best adjustable monitor available in the market. The monitor is able to tilt up or down, and the height can be adjusted easily as for the perfect angle. Monitor oso comes with speaker with decent sound. Customer support from Benq is pretty good as well."