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Monitors / Entertainment Monitor / EW3270U / Review

4K HDR Eye Care Gaming Monitor 31.5-inch | EW3270U

  • 31.5 inch 4K (UHD) High Resolution

  • HDR Technology (High Dynamic Range) and Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

  • 95% DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut


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4K Monitor for an affordable price- BenQ EW3270U

"Visuals from the display are excellent, appearing sharp and vivid especially when streaming videos in 4K.The Eye Care technology in the display does what it is meant to do; reduces eye fatigue, allowing you to stare at the display longer comfortably. Using the buttons under the monitor, you can choose to tune the Eye Care settings to better suit your eyes."

Monitor 4K HDR Terbaik Untuk PS4 Pro?! BENQ EW3270U Review
Review by The Kampung Nerd