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BenQ WiT Eye-care Lamp | Work & Study Table lamp

  • 150% wider lighting coverage than the average desk lamp

  • Built-in smart lighting technology adjusts the brightness to ambient light

  • Easily switch from warm to cooler tones


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Expert Review
HONEST REVIEW | Trying Out A New Desk Lamp!

Marissa Voo

The curve of the design allows it to illuminate my desk. Much more with its ultra-wide angle lighting. And I can easily adjust the neck of the lamp, if I want it to be closer to my desk or closer to my IPad. Click the above video to see more.

BenQ WiT Eye-care Lamp | Unboxing & Review


The red/pink colour for now not available, but others colour pun nice jugak. Silver, Gold and Blue :) With the ultra wide range of light, I can cover the whole desk.... Want to see more? Click the above video.

User Experience

"Everyone should have this wit lamp"



Fast delivery and good quality