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Lamps / ScreenBar / Screenbar Plus / Review & Recommendations

Computer Monitor Light Screenbar Plus - LED Clip Desk Lamp, Dimmable, Screen glare free, Easy Set-up, Takes up Zero Space, Eye-care, External Dial

  • Auto dimming with built-in ambient light sensor

  • Specially designed clip works with most monitors

  • Zero reflective glare off the screen

Review & Recommendations

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User Experience

"Fantastic build quality, excellent lighting and easy to control.."



"Honestly, it’s definitely worth the money! The fact that you can adjust the lighting as well as the temperature it’s based on is such a great feature and the item itself feels premium~ *french kiss* The parcel was also well secured and delivered by the seller and courier team. I am very satisfied 🥰"


"Package received in good condition. Set-up with ease and the screenbar work as intended. Fully recommended for minimalist desk set-up."



"Terbaik. Barulah lengkap Benq Monitor + ScreenBar Plus. Puas hati.."