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BenQ Malaysia Facebook Page was Hacked by Illegal 3rd Party with Scam

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BenQ Malaysia Facebook Page was Hacked by Illegal 3rd Party with Scam

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!🎄 Enjoy the best deals of the year.

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!🎄 Enjoy the best deals of the year.

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She is using her fingers to ease her eye sour.

Relieve Eye Strain With the Best Monitor Lamp

BenQ Monitors Focus on Your Eyes

A girl with glasses is looking at the monitor.
Low Blue Light Puts Eyes at Ease

Whether studying, watching videos, or keeping up with friends, you need a monitor that keeps your eyes feeling fresh. Extended exposure to blue light damages eyes. Low blue light technology filters harmful blue light to protect eyes of all ages.

They are looking at the monitor.
Brightness Intelligence

You can’t afford to let Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) stop you from doing your best work. Reduce fatigue with a monitor that adapts on-screen brightness to ambient lighting while balancing image brightness for clear, crisp display.

A man with headphone is using the monitor.
Brightness Intelligence Plus

Eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision can cut a movie or gaming session short. B.I.+ detects the light around you and adjusts brightness and color temperature for longer, more comfortable viewing.

 They are xlooking at the monitor.

Is BenQ Eye-Care Monitor Enough?

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) affects more than 50% of all working adults. It occurs when people look into a monitor for too long and causes headaches, eye fatigue and eye redness. BenQ has worked very hard to create eye-care monitors that help relieve these symptoms, but no matter how advanced a monitor is it can never solve a major problem with computer use… Lighting.

Why should I care about lighting?

Without the proper amount of light your eyes have to constantly adjust to the brightness of your screen. With a lamp that lights up your monitor work space to the recommended amount (500 Lux) your eyes can stay at a constant level of focus.

It shows the adjustable brightness computer monitor light.
How Can BenQ Solve Your Lighting Problem?
ScreenBar Monitor Light

ScreenBar was designed specifically for workers, gamers and anyone else who spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen. It’s the high quality solution that covers all aspects of eye protection.

There is a desk setup with a ScreenBar
Why is ScreenBar Different?
  • Saves valuable space on your desk by clipping onto your monitor
  • Provides surrounding light so your eyes don’t have to constantly refocus on your screen
  • Uses a light sensor for auto-dimming to adjust the brightness to the optimal level for reading (500Lux)
  • Precise lighting shines away from your eyes and monitor eliminating screen-glare
  • 8 color temperatures- warm yellow helps you relax. Cool white helps you focus
  • 14 brightness levels- make it easy to find what is best for you
  • Clips on to your monitor to save valuable space on your desk
  • 50,000 hour life span
It shows the differences between the BenQ computer monitor light and the traditional lamp.
It shows space saving of the monitor light.

Space Saving. No Lamp Base, More Desk Space.

A specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors easy and stable. No need for screws or tape that damage monitors. The clip fits any monitor with thickness from 0.4” to 1.2” (1 to 3 cm).

ScreenBar is auto dimming computer monitor light.

Auto Dimming. Optimal Brightness Instantly.

Thanks to the built-in ambient light sensor, ScreenBar adjusts the brightness level automatically and instantly. It can be manually dimmable with the touch sensor control as well.

ScreenBar is a no glare computer light.

Glare Free

ScreenBar has an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

ScreenBar is a USB lamp.

USB Powered Lamp
Whether it is a computer, phone charger or power bank, any USB outlet can power the ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp.

ScreenBar is an adjustable color temperature lamp.

Adjustable Color Temperature

The warm light lets you relax and replenishes your energy. The cool light allows you to concentrate and boosts work efficiency.

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