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BenQ Color Weakness Mode to Bring the Easier View to Those in Need

The picture can test for color-blindness.

BenQ EyeCare technology has developed the Color Weakness Mode* customized for the color weak to offer them with an easier view by enhancing color tones and tuning the color filters based on face-to-face interviews with the users. With the BenQ Color Weakness Mode, people with color weakness can decipher the pie charts, statistics and pictures in an effortless way and thus enjoy a view with distinguishable shades of color and an improved colored view.

BenQ eye-care technology has developed the color weakness mode that offers the red filter and the green filter for the red and green color deficiency.

*The most common color weaknesses are the red color deficiency (or protanomaly) and the green color deficiency (deuteranomaly). BenQ has offer the red filter and the green filter for the red and green color deficiency.

What is Color Weakness?

Color vision is made possible with the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye known as cones. If the cones don't have a certain light-sensitive pigment, you will not be able to see one or more of the three primary colors. People with color blindness can have less than one kind of light-sensitive pigment and can only see the neutral or gray colors where a particular color would appear. As for the color weakness, their cones cannot distinguish colors of similar shades easily. For example, when red, pink, orange and purple colors are put next to each other, what they see would be lumps of similar colors. With the Color Weakness Mode on, the color weak can distinguish colors easily and gain quality time for clearer views.

*To know more about color blindness and color weakness, one may look up for the medical term, color vision deficiency. It encompasses color blindness and color weakness and there’s estimated 3 million of people around the world to have the inherited color vision deficiency. (

This is the image what people with normal vision see.
This is the image what color weakness with red color deficiency see.
This is the image what color blindness see.

Although there’s similar causes for the color blindness and the color weakness, one need to know that BenQ Color Weakness Mode: it will not work for people with color blindness since their cones cannot respond to certain light-pigments and would not see an improved colored view with the Color Weakness Mode on.

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