Drummoyne School enhances creative study with BenQ Interactive Projector
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  • 2019-02-25

About the School District

For the students of Drummoyne Public School in Sydney, Australia, an interactive and fun learning environment is a pre-requisite—especially for its young creative and performing arts learners. Keeping the students motivated required technology that could increase interactivity and decrease preparation time for Drummoyne’s staff.

The Challenge

Drummoyne Public School is an education center with a storied past. For more than 125 years, Drummoyne has provided a diverse education for kindergarten to grade 6 students. For a number of years, Drummoyne had been looking for technology solutions to improve classroom interactivity and to push young learners into collaborating with each other. However, the smart boards the school had installed previously were plagued with calibration issues that disrupted the flow of lessons. In addition, every teacher and student had to learn how to use the old smartboards.

To achieve the classroom environment it desired, Drummoyne Public needed a technology solution that could be easily accessible to students and staff, and hold the class’s attention during downtime. The school wanted a faster, more accurate technology solution in its classrooms. The ideal solution would have to inspire the students to work with each other, promote lively discussion and, perhaps most importantly, give each student the tools to shine and share their thoughts with their colleagues.

BenQ Solutions

Ms. Richmond, a creative and performing arts teacher at Drummoyne Public School, wanted her students to not only cherish their class time but feel excited about lessons too. BenQ’s PointWrite™ system made Ms. Richmond’s job easier. With 1-second calibration, Ms. Richmond could ready a pen or any student’s fingers instantaneously, and with 4-point multi-touch capabilities, multiple students could collaborate simultaneously. Art lessons in Ms. Richmond’s classes were a breeze when the kids could work together.

The MW824ST’s short-throw 0.49 lens, makes it capable of casting crystal-clear images over short distances. It’s the ideal projector for even the smallest classrooms. At 3200 ANSI lumens, the MW824ST casts a bright, vibrant, high-quality image, and its 13000:1 ultra-sharp contrast ratio produces a picture clarity that is easy to see from great distances so even students at the back of the room can see the projection without issue. Moreover, the 13000:1 ratio helps reduce eyestrain, allowing students to focus throughout the class. With a high-end projector and brilliant software, students’ imaginations were stimulated. In the end, Ms. Richmond and other staff at Drummoyne Public School noticed a marked improvement in student collaboration, they all felt they had finally achieved their desired results.

The Results

The Drummoyne Public School’s staff were unquestionably satisfied with their BenQ solutions. A projector that could cast images along long and short spaces made the MW824ST versatile. With the PointWrite™ system, fingers or pens can be calibrated in a mere second, and up to four students could simultaneously participate in classroom lessons. Ms. Richmond noted that when students were at the board in groups of four, they felt more comfortable in front of the rest of the class. Their enthusiasm to participate surpassed all expectations. With four pens, more students could go at once, allowing for every child to have their chance to partake in the action. An added benefit to the MW824ST is its durability. With two advanced filters, BenQ’s MW824ST is equipped to survive even the dustiest of environments. Inside the machine are durable micro-mirrors which add an extra layer of protection against dust and debris, and reduce overall heat damage, ultimately prolonging the life of the projector. In short, the strong, crystal clear images will continue to remain vibrant year over year.

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