The Hamsung and Gunsan Sports Clubs find their ideal training partner in the BenQ Board
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  • 2022-03-20

About the School

Across South Korea are many different sports and fitness centers that cater to a wide range of people. The Hamsung Sports Club in Seoul, for example, is a private sports center specially focused on basic football training for young children. According to Kang Seonyoung, CEO of the club, aside from giving them the foundational skills they need to play well, they also “aim to strengthen their camaraderie and social skills.” What sets the Hamsung Sports Club apart from other traditional football training centers is that all their activities are indoors and involve using the latest technologies.

“We are the first digital sports club in the country,” says Kang. “We use digital equipment for activities designed to keep kids active and healthy.” Their center features a 150 square-meter indoor football pitch and several rooms fitted with the latest VR and digital sports systems.

Further south, in the North Jeolla province, is the Gunsan Sports Club. They, with the South Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, co-manage two different public sports centers in the area. Their club is more diverse, offering sports facilities and a variety of fitness classes to local residents of different age groups. They host table tennis clinics, youth calisthenics classes, and cardio dance sessions, to name a few.

Both clubs were looking to enhance the overall experience of their members and staff through the use of interactive technology.

The Challenge

Since the two clubs serve two very different types of members, their technological requirements also diverged. For the Hamsung Sports Club, they needed a solution that would allow them to teach classes effectively in group settings. Although they already had the latest gear for virtual and augmented reality, which were suitable for individual training, they still needed an intuitive education solution that would allow them to teach several kids at the same time.

In the case of Gunsan Sports Club, they needed a solution that would allow them to give more interactive presentations. Since both of the sports centers they manage often get new members, they wanted an all-in-one display that they could use to give quick rundowns of their available sports and fitness programs and also discuss their members’ training options based on their real-time body composition assessments.

“We discovered that the most effective way to teach football is by merging actual practice with technology… the BenQ Board was the perfect medium for it.”

BenQ Solutions

Both the Hamsung and Gunsan Sports Clubs found that the BenQ Board Pro had all the features necessary to meet their specific needs.

“We discovered that the best and most effective way to teach football is by merging actual practice with technology, and we found that the BenQ Board was the perfect medium for it,” explains Kang Seonyoung of the Hamsung Club. Because the BenQ Board allows them to play videos directly from YouTube, they’re easily able to show kids football footage from the large screen. They can conveniently pause the video and annotate over it in case they need to highlight specific plays or noteworthy movements.

They also take advantage of the board’s split-screen mode, opening videos on one side while EZWrite is on the other. “We find the EZWrite whiteboard and its football pitch template particularly useful,” says Kang. While the coach plays the video for the kids, they can immediately track the change in plays by marking the football pitch shown on EZWrite.

“With such a large screen, it makes teaching using this setup more fluid and effective,” says Kang.

On the other hand, Kim Young-in manager of Gunsan Sports Club notes how their new interactive display expedites health consultations. She says, “The BenQ Board is very useful for when guests get their health assessments at the club.”

The process is quick: Members would step onto a machine designed to measure their body composition. The results of that test would then get transmitted to the BenQ Board as a report. The club staff can then sit down with the member and discuss the details on screen. They can use the pen tool to highlight any areas on the report they find notable and come up with a fitness program that suits their individual needs.

The Results

Since having the BenQ Boards in their respective sports centers, the staff at Hamsung and Gunsan have expressed their satisfaction. They have even found more uses for the boards than they had originally intended.

Kang says that at Hamsung, the BenQ Board has also made its way into their meeting rooms: “In a week, the board gets used for both group classes and our internal club meetings.”

The same is true at Gunsan. “We always use the board during our management meetings,” says Kim. They rely on the BenQ Board to share status updates and use it as a collaboration tool when they need to discuss pressing matters. “And since we can use Office apps, it’s been very convenient,” Kim adds.

Both centers have also started looking into taking their classes online with the BenQ Board. Staff at Hamsung have already tried teaching hybrid classes, where they connect a camera to the board, giving remote coaches a live feed of students practicing drills. As for Gunsan, Kim says that they’re hoping to replicate this success: “Now, we’re even exploring how to use the BenQ Board for group classes and online coaching.”

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