Announcement content being prepared on a tablet in hallway with kids and digital signage display
BenQ X-Sign Broadcast announcement system icon

X-Sign Broadcast

Announcement system

Complement your school PA system with visual alerts and announcements.

X-Sign Broadcast

Announcement system

Complement your school PA system with visual alerts and announcements.

Cross-campus communication

X-Sign Broadcast lets you deliver scheduled messages and instant alerts to all your BenQ devices for any occasion.

  • Speakerphone icon


    Display morning announcements with images and other media.

  • Warning sign icon


    Instantly alert students when classes are cancelled or other emergencies arise.

  • Reminder notification icon


    Send targeted reminders about upcoming events or deadlines for registrations.

Make your announcements matter

With X-Sign Broadcast, you can choose to push announcements immediately or schedule them for later so your messages are always delivered at the best time.

Customize your announcements

Send out different types of announcements with text, images, documents, and videos.

Easy-to-read messages

Type your announcements in a customizable banner format to deliver clear and simple messages to all BenQ devices.

Editable announcement message on digital signage display

Multimedia content

Display individual images or slideshows in full screen to capture the attention of your students.

Multimedia content shown on digital signage display

Embedded videos

Share videos with your school for more engaging messages by uploading a video file or using a YouTube link.

Embedded MP4 and YouTube videos with link on digital signage display content

Documents and PDFs

Show Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, as well as Google Slides for more informative notices.

Weekly schedule Microsoft PowerPoint Word Google Slides and PDF on digital signage display

Quick and easy management

Easily manage the process of creating and sending messages to the entire school from a centralized dashboard.

Success stories

Kankakee School District
"BenQ Boards help us by allowing our teachers to be more flexible in their instruction."

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Whykids Institute
"Teachers can use BenQ Boards as blackboards to explain some things or share students' answers."

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  • Which type of file formats does X-Sign Broadcast announcement system export?

    1. Image file 2. Video file 3. YouTube video 4. Youtube Live Streaming 5. Office PowerPoint 6. PDF 7. Office Word

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