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Ready for PS5

Enjoy True Next-Gen Experience On Your PS5

Buff Your PS5 With 4K At 120 FPS

Every gamer has their own style. Whether you're a RPG lover or fighting game master, as a market leader of LCD monitor, BenQ has the perfect product to complement your gaming style, maximizing your enjoyment and competitive advantage.

Ready for PS5
RPG & Action Games | MOBIUZ EX Series
4K at 144Hz HDRi Monitors

Put yourself in the action with precise resolution, brilliant movie-like colour and immersive sound. HDRi provides you with the secret weapon, paving the way for the best 4K HDRi at 120 FPS Gaming Experience.

Ready for PS5
Racing & Sport Games | MOBIUZ EX Curved Series
Over 100Hz curved gaming monitor with high resolution and wide viwing angle panels

When you move fast, you need your monitor to move with you. Drive harder and kick further with 144-165hz fast refresh rates and captivating ultrawide high resolution displays for an unbeatable immersive experience.