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Enable endless collaboration
with ClassroomCare™ Interactive Flat Panel

Project Based Learning and STEAM Ready Solutions

To catch up to the STEAM and Project Based Learning trends, BenQ ClassroomCare™ Interactive Flat Panel (IFP), a digital whiteboard, features the unique Board to Board and Cloud Whiteboard, enabling educators to create a collaborative environment and inspire students to develop skills in problem solving as well as creative and logical thinking.

Foster Endless Collaborations

To build a smart or STEAM-ready classroom, capabilities of collaboration, annotation and cloud-based learning are key. With all these features fitting into today’s teaching style, EZWrite 5 makes teaching and learning easier, effective and collaborative.

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Build Collaborative Classrooms, Endless Collaborations
Collaborate and brainstorm online

Teachers can host a Cloud Whiteboard to let students collaborate online in real time with other classmates, free from location and participant restrictions.

Real-time collaborations using multiple boards

Collaborate together on the same piece of work, at the same time, using a shared cloud whiteboard on different ClassroomCare™ Interactive Flat Panels.

Annotate on Any Content

Equipped with a cross-platform tool: Floating Tool, everyone can make annotations on any lesson material that opens from Windows, Mac or Chrome computers or browsers.

Bring Smart Whiteboard Experiences to Classrooms
Convert writing and drawing intelligently

Convert written text, numbers, forms, and drawings into easily legible digital text without having to switch modes.

Distingish your ideas

Ideal for group discussions or answering questions during class lessons, Dual Pens allow two people to write simultaneously in different colours.

Unleash your creativity

With built-in Brush mode, the ClassroomCare™ IFP allows everyone to use any brush to paint and draw, inspiring creations in art classes.

Record lectures for lesson review

Video recording allows teachers to record lectures and lessons for students to revise and review.

Instant question and answer time for teachers and students

Useful for class discussion that allows up to 3 teams to participate simultaneously.

Effortlessly share class notes for class review        

Download or send class notes and homework straight to personal devices using email or QR code.

InstaShare App: Two-Way Mirror & Collaborate

Communication goes both ways. With just one simple installation of the InstaShare app, it enables simple wireless presentation and collaboration by screen mirroring photos, presentations, and Full HD videos to BenQ IFP and shared to other devices.

Facilitate Class Preparation in 3 Stages

Whether you are designing class materials, instructing students or reviewing homework and assignments, make yourself more efficient with BenQ’s efficient classroom software solutions.

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Prepare and Preview Lessons

Assists teachers in retrieving any class materials from ClassroomCare™ IFP and posting tutorial or training videos before classes begin.

Account Management System

Import your class materials to EZWrite from pre-set cloud storage.

X-Sign Broadcast

Post tutorial videos or assignments to a dedicated IFP at a specific time for students to preview before lessons begin.

Achieve Interactive and Collaborative Lessons

Help students build critical thinking and problem solving skills with easy-to-use annotation and collaboration tools.

Floating Tool

Annotate on any content from Windows, Mac or Chrome computers or browsers.

Cloud Whiteboard

Teachers and students can share an online whiteboard to brainstorm and share ideas from students' own devices.


Perfect for project presentations. Your content can be wirelessly mirrored and cast from laptops or mobile devices to ClassroomCare™ IFP.

Assignment Distribution and Lesson Review

Offering an easy way for teachers to share all class material and assignments instantly. Student can easily download class notes and hand in assignments without the restraints of traditional paper printing.


Students can download class notes or homework straight to their personal devices via email or QR code.

Video Recording

Allows teachers to record lectures for students to review after the lesson.

Account Management System

Teachers can upload any notes or homework from the IFP to pre-set cloud storage.

Empowers Your Campus Broadcasting System

Designed to simplify the broadcasting process across different classrooms, X-Sign Broadcast can broadcast school messages, class material, video and audio files to all or dedicated ClassroomCare™ IFP using any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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Efficiently Post Messages
Interrupt  Broadcasting

Messages are delivered to the class immediately.

Scheduled  Broadcasting

Messages can be delivered at a specific time.

Group Message Broadcasting

Each message can be assigned for delivery to different classrooms.

Two Broadcast Plans for Achieving the Smart Campus

X-Sign Broadcast has two subscription plans: Basic and Premium. X-Sign Broadcast Basic supports simple text, images, videos and YouTube videos. X-Sign Broadcast Premium supports these, plus Microsoft Office files, including those in Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, school’s own Network Folder, and Live Streaming.


Bringing Multi-Touch Classroom Interactivity to British International School Riyadh

With a major upgrade over the school’s previous classroom display technology, students in British International School Riyadh (BISR) in Riyadh are constantly eager to interact with the displays and their multi-touch capability, providing teachers and students with new avenues to interact, teach, and learn.

Hassle-Free Display and Account Management

To minimise time and costs spent by IT staff, support and centralise your BenQ ClassroosCareTM IFP and education displays with BenQ's easy-to-manage Account Manage System (AMS) and Device Management System (DMS)

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Manage Cloud Storage and IFP Accounts with Account Management System

For teachers

Create Personalised Workspace Environments

Users can directly access personal system setting and folders, as well as load customised UI settings on the IFP, simply with a tap of the BenQ NFC card.

Auto Login to Cloud Storage Accounts

Save account information at setup creation. Users don't have to enter account information every time they log in in different classrooms.

For IT managers

Efficient Account Management

AMS provides a clear and intuitive user interface for IT managers to import and manage multiple user accounts on the cloud.

One-step NFC Card Setting

AMS eliminates the complicated process of setup and encryption and can link an account to an ID card through one simple step.

Hassle-Free Display Management

With cloud connectivity, BenQ DMS combines Device Info and Management, Apps Management and OTA (Over-the-Air) Updates to provide you with the ultimate device management solution for increased productivity.

Device Info and Management

Remotely control your displays with DMS Cloud via Internet. It’s an effective way to lower TCO and energy consumption of your day-to-day operation.

Apps Management

Install Android™ apps to displays through our cloud server. DMS Cloud is designed to save you the hassles of repetitive manual software installation.

OTA (Over-the-Air) Update

Upgrade to the latest BenQ firmware for your displays through our OTA Update support and keep them running smoothly at all times.

Create Smart and Healthy Classrooms

Committed to creating an interactive, smart and healthy learning environment, the ClassroomCare™ IFP features exclusive ClassroomCare™ Technologies including Air Quality Sensor, Germ-Resistant Screen and Smart Eye-Care Solutions to achieve better learning outcomes and effectiveness.


Air-Quality Sensor

Incorporated with an air-quality sensor, the new RP series IFP helps monitor CO2 concentration level in classrooms by showing current CO2 level in Low, Moderate, High or Very High on the home screen of the IFP. Not only can it improve overall health and productivity of teachers and students, but also reduce absences and transmission of infectious diseases.

Germ-Resistant Screen

The Germ-Resistant Screen is powered by a multilayer, non-toxic and enduring nano ionic silver coating that kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevents cross-infection and germ spreading in the classroom. The ionic silver’s antimicrobial feature remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.

* TUV Test Confirmed

TUV is the world’s leading inspection and verification company, providing internationally approved testing services to verify product quality and performance. Placing our trust in TUV’s best-in-class facilities and world-recognised integrity, we had their experts carefully evaluate the screen’s antimicrobial efficacy. Proved by the JIS Z 2801:2010 testing methods, the result shows that BenQ’s Germ-Resistant Screen can effectively restrain the growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. To maintain antimicrobial efficacy, please frequently wipe your touch screen with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth moisturised with a neutral detergent.

Click for the TUV Test Report

Smart Eye-Care Solution

The Smart Eye-Care solution can function intuitively with the help of the embedded motion sensor. For a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, BenQ IFP will automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features by detecting the movement of users close to the screen.

Effective Tools for Learning and Teaching

As schools move towards curriculums with more and more interactivity and sharing, each ClassroomCare™ IFP comes with pre-installed apps to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Find out more about these apps on BenQ Suggests on our IFP.

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Partner software Learn More


BenQ’s Windows-compatible annotation software.

OKTOPUS Standalone

An interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with any interactive touch screen flat panel display.


Wirelessly present your content on your smart device.


A student-driven digital portfolio that inspires your students to do their best work.


A HD Video Conferencing and Collaboration app for all essential meetings.


Remotely connect and troubleshoot your computers, servers, and devices at your fingertips.

Experience a Live Demo of BenQ IFP Now

BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) are classroom-ready solutions to support schools by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative experience. Request a demo to see how BenQ’s IFP enables teachers and students to enhance learning and boost interaction