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Active Learning in the 21st Century Classroom
Increasing learning efficacy using interactive technology

A joint project with University College London and Oxford University

The 21st century skills gap

Industry 4.0 ushers in the prevalence of newer, smarter technologies that have greatly decreased the need for employees whose skills can be replicated by machines. Organizations are now more inclined to hire people with indispensable 21st century skills. Are universities today equipping their graduates with the right know-how?

Blended and active learning

Academia introduces several types of learning: synchronous, asynchronous, passive and the like. But when it comes to instilling 21st century skills, blended and active learning come to the fore. What are they and why are they more effective? Assess if your curriculum is at par with other institutions that have adopted these approaches.

Technology-enhanced active learning

From slides to clickers to interactive projectors and displays, there are several available tools at a teacher’s disposal. Which ones are most effective? How can they be combined for the best classroom experience? Get an overview of the today’s most commonly used classroom technologies and decide which ones best suit the needs of your class.

Application of active learning strategies

UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) have come up with an active learning strategy toolkit with some practical activities that instill 21st century skills while taking full advantage of interactive technologies. See if these exercises are applicable to your own classroom sessions.

Case studies
Policy mapping on interactive displays

Learn how UCL’s Dr. Alex Chung used the BenQ interactive display to transform a typical passive learning session into a immersive exercise. Ecosystem maps allow students to discover links between multiple elements that contribute to the formation and success of real-world policies and how they can be used to tackle wicked problems.

Enhanced interactive doctoral training at UCL

In her research workshops at UCL, Dr. Ine Steenmans used narrative storyboarding to test her students’ ability to evaluate various research methodology applied to different scenarios. This active learning approach proved very challenging using traditional teaching media. Learn how the BenQ interactive display transformed her sessions and made storyboarding a breeze.

Active peer-to-peer learning at Oxford University

Three instructors. Three use cases. One interactive display. Find out how UCL’s Dr. Alex Chung, Oxford University’ s Dr. Ying Yu, and De Montfort University’s Dr. Tian Ma took advantage of the various features of the BenQ interactive display to present, brainstorm, and test ideas during their own peer-to-peer learning sessions.

Experience the BenQ difference

Our interactive displays enrich your classroom sessions by helping students acquire 21st century skills while improving their learning experience. Learn how BenQ interactive displays can improve your current classroom setup. Contact our sales representatives for a demo or consultation.

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