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The projector stuck and error message shows “Installing upgrade package…” when it is powered on. What can I do to fix it?


This message indicates that firmware OTA upgrade process is not completed and projector is powered off last time. Please follow below steps to fix this issue. When projector is back to normal, make sure that keeping projector connected with power when performing OTA firmware upgrade.
(1) Power off the projector.
(2) Press ECO Blank button first, then press power key together for few seconds to power on projector.
(3) After projector powering on process is done, release the two buttons at the same time.

Applicable Models

PD2500Q, PD2700Q, PD2700U, PD2705Q, PD2710QC, PD2720U, PD3200Q, PD3200U, PD3220U, PD3420Q

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