As Abobe Flash support ends at the end of Dec 2020, the Crestron network interface will no longer work after that. Is there any solution for this?


As Adobe will no longer support Flash Player after December 31 2020, access to Flash Player will be removed from all browsers gradually, including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. As a result, the Crestron RoomView service from BenQ, which is Flash-based, will also be discontinued. BenQ suggests using the following alternatives to manage and monitor multiple projectors. 
1. Crestron RoomView Express: this software can be downloaded from Crestron’s official website.
2. BenQ DMS Local: this software can be downloaded from the official BenQ website. Please reach out to BenQ service for further assistance with installation if needed.

Applicable Models

EX800ST Wireless Smart Projector for Business | BenQ Display Solution, Conference Room Projector LH710, LH720 4000 lms, 1080P Conference Room Projector, LH890UST, Conference Room Projector LH930, LU950, LU951ST, LW720, LU785 6000 lms, WUXGA Conference Room Projector, LW820ST, LW890UST, Conference Room Projector LX720, LX820ST, MH733 4000 lms, 1080P Meeting Room Projector, MH760, MW732, MW826ST 3400 lms, WXGA Interactive Classroom Projector, MW826STH, MX731, MX825ST 3300 lms, XGA Interactive Classroom Projector, MX825STH, SU922, SU922+, LU9245, LU9255, LU9715, LU9915, MH856UST+, MW855UST, Conference Room Projector SU765, Higher Education Projector SX765, LU935ST, MX854UST, LK936ST, LU960, LU935 6000lms WUXGA Conference Room Projector, lu9750, lu9800, EH620

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