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Eye Care Monitors for Entertainment

Don’t let eye strain, blurry vision, or headaches end your movie or games. BenQ monitors with eye-care™ technology put you in charge of when the fun ends.

How eye-care™ Protects Eye Health
Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology

Brightness Intelligence Plus adjusts display brightness and color temperature for your most comfortable viewing experience. The B.I.+ sensor detects screen content and environmental lighting, then adapts the display image accordingly. Headaches, eye strain, and fatigue become a thing of the past. Your dream of a monitor that adapts to its surroundings just came true.

Brightness Intelligence Plus, the ambient light, adjustable monitor brightness and color temperature
Low Blue Light

Blue light, the most powerful visible light, can be especially harmful to eyes. Low Blue Light Technology blocks the most dangerous part of the blue light spectrum to avoid damage.


Flicker-free™ technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain. Conventional LCD screens flicker 250 times per second. Your eyes may not see damaging flickers, but they can certainly feel them. Switch to Flicker-free. Your eyes will thank you.

flicker-free for eye fatigue, eye strain, comfort view

How BenQ Eye Care Technology Works for Your Eyes

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