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BenQ Eye-Care Technology
More Enjoyment and Less Worry

We discover the world easily because of the existence of light, which is divided into visible light (420nm~780nm) and invisible light (infrared light >780nm or ultraviolet light <420 nm).

Visible light enters the retina and causes damage to the eyes. Blue light, the most powerful visible light, is considered especially harmful. When one uses a monitor to watch videos for hours, screen light can cause an impact on the macula of the retina, due to strong blue light.

BenQ has designed two types of technologies to protect eye health, for both children’s under developed eyes and adults. BenQ Low Blue Light Technology removes blue light (420~480nm) to reduce damage to the eye. BenQ Low Blue Light Plus Technology filters harmful radiation (420~455nm), to specifically reduce damage while maintaining picture quality.

ZeroFlicker™️ Technology to Eliminate Eye Stress

Flashing lights can make individuals anxious, irritated and distressed. Conventional LCD screens flicker at the rate of 250 times per second. Since flickers are not always perceivable by naked eyes, we let flicker rates cause extreme stress to eyes carelessly.

with ZeroFlicker™️ technology

without ZeroFlicker™️ technology


After 8 hours of monitor use, one’s eyes can perceive up to 5.8 million times of flicker, causing eye strain and can even impair one’s eyesight. BenQ’s exclusive Flicker-free technology, certified by international TÜV Rheinland, eliminates the main cause for monitor flicker. BenQ aims to professionally protect your eyes, offering everyone who spends time watching monitors a chance to use with ease.

Intelligent Display Modifier for Eye Comfort

Strong differences in ambient light and the light from your display can cause eye strain. In a bright environment, eyes need to work harder to avoid the glare caused by reflection. When one has a bright display in a dimly lit room, eyes use more energy to focus. As time passes, one can encounter eye strain, some might even face more severe problems like headaches and blurred vision.

BenQ’s exclusive Brightness Intelligence (B.I.) Technology and Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.Plus) Technology are the smartest screen modifiers, which automatically adjusts the display quality to best fit your surroundings, offering the most thrilling enjoyment without harming your eyes.

For the Designer

When long hours demand your best work