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An Eye on Creativity

The best tools get the best results. To meet your high standards, BenQ's professional monitors deliver absolute color accuracy, remarkable clarity, and extraordinary adaptability. BenQ also comes through for you with monitors that protect your most valuable creative assets—your eyes.


5.8 million. That’s how many times eyes can perceive flickering screens in an eight-hour day. Eyes exposed to that hardship can leave you with fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision. That hurts creativity and productivity. BenQ’s ZeroFlicker™ technology eliminates the main cause of flickering, earning TUV Rheinland certification. Switch to ZeroFlicker™. You’ll see the difference in how you feel and how you work.

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Low Blue Light Technology

Blue light, the most powerful visible light, can be especially harmful to eyes. Low Blue Light Technology blocks the most dangerous part of the blue light spectrum to avoid damage. Enjoy added comfort and productivity by subtracting blue light from your monitor.