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Explore the below practical Jamboard customer stories from a wide variety of companies and industries.

Enhanced Learning: How Macquarie University is Using Jamboard to Enhance Research, Learning and Outreach

Our Google Jamboard Champion, Dr. Daniel Burgarth, ARC Future Fellow in Theoretical Quantum Information Science, has been searching for new ways of enhancing learning, research, teaching and outreach. “I can collaborate with my researchers abroad, and we write and talk.

Atlassian: Stimulates Collaboration, Creativity, and Problem-Solving with Jamboard

"Our mission is to unleash the potential of every team – and we do this by making products that help teams to function more effectively," says Harvey Jones, Workplace Collaboration Lead, Atlassian. "We enable them to communicate, share, and find information to track projects and activities."

Deliveroo: Delivering Record-Breaking Growth with the Right Tools

Deliveroo is the fastest-growing technology company in the United Kingdom, according to Deloitte, and uses G Suite to establish new offices, onboard staff, enhance collaboration, and expand at speed.

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Discover all of the latest user scenarios, solutions, and industry trends related to Google Jamboard.

What is Meet for Jamboard?

Meet for Jamboard brings full-screen video conferencing (Hangouts Meet) to Google's collaborative digital whiteboard (Jamboard). This feature combines the two most important tools for collaboration: whiteboarding and video conferencing. Users can whiteboard and video conference simultaneously, and seamlessly switch between the two views...

Adding Value to Your Digital Workplace: Three Ways to Use Google Jamboard

Companies are now relying more heavily on tools and technologies that enable them to do business anywhere in the world. This means IT managers face the challenging task of finding cost-effective tools that optimize distributed team work.

Tips from a Creative Director: Maximize Your Brainstorming Productivity

I faced a ton of challenges as a rookie creative director. Some were expected, others caught me completely by surprise, keeping my team motivated was a real challenge. I expected every person to bring a ton of ideas to the table and willingly discuss ...

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