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Your Eyes, We Care

Our digital lifestyle demands that we spend countless hours in front of our screens, and while it's easy to get side-tracked, we must always choose to work smart.

We care about your eyes, so we took the liberty of creating an Eye-care solutions package fit for your everyday tasks. So whether it's for work, school, or play, avoid the risks of excessive eye strain from extended screen-time.

Digital Learning Bundle
Perfect for your Everyday Needs

Reports, assignments, or just casual browsing can result in countless hours of staring at the monitor. Don't settle for less, and always choose the right tools for the best and most comfortable viewing experience.

Entertainment Bundle
Built for Guilt-free Entertainment

Whether it's for movie night or a weekend play, it always leads to extended screen time. Enjoy guilt-free entertainment that's easy on your eyes. Always choose the right monitor and proper lighting!

How BenQ Eye-care Technology Works for Your Eyes?