Enhancing BYOM with BenQ Education Solutions
  • BenQ
  • 2023-03-15

What does it mean to “bring your own meeting”? This concept, conveniently abbreviated as BYOM, is an offshoot of the trend called BYOD, or bring your own device. In a school setting, BYOD implies that teachers, staff, and even students are allowed to bring their personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and use them for classes or administrative work.

BYOM borrows from the same principle. It still involves people bringing their own devices to campus for school-related activities, but it limits the scope to meetings.

How is BYOM applied in schools?

Schools typically have two kinds of meetings: scheduled and spontaneous.

Scheduled meetings—such as general assemblies, board meetings, and parent-teacher conferences—are more structured and have venues reserved for the occasion. On the other end of the spectrum, you have on-the-fly meetings that happen spontaneously throughout the school day. These include academic consultations between teachers and students, quick exchanges between members of a student committee, or school administrators briefly discussing logistics with suppliers.

BYOM finds its way into these scenarios when meeting attendees begin utilizing their own devices to contribute to the discussion.

The biggest strength of BYOM comes through during impromptu meetings, where those involved can easily use any available room in school and, quite literally, bring their meeting with them. Because they’re equipped with their own devices, they can conveniently pull up their files when needed or invite other participants via a video call.

How do BenQ solutions enhance BYOM?

BenQ is one of the few display solutions providers that support wireless BYOM in schools. Our education solutions provide these four key benefits:

Location flexibility

If your classrooms and huddle areas are equipped with BenQ Education solutions—including BenQ Boards, smart video bars, and Pantone® Validated displays—you can easily use InstaShare 2 or the InstaShare Button to cast your device screen onto any of these devices. This gives you the freedom to walk into any available room on campus and start your meeting.

Hardware extension

With BenQ Education solutions, it’s easy to extend your device screen onto any display in your school. This offers you and your colleagues a larger area for you to view presentations and see all other participants who may be joining via video call. And if you’re using a BenQ Board or smart video bar for your meeting, you can utilize these devices’ microphones and cameras for better audio and video quality.

Data security and privacy

Since your meetings may involve exchanging private information, it’s important for you to use devices that protect your data and privacy. The InstaShare Button encrypts the wireless communication between your device and your BenQ display, ensuring that others won’t be able to intercept or tamper with your data. And because you are only casting your own screen and not copying and pasting files, all your data stays on your device. It never gets stored on any of the displays you use.

Additional features

Unlike other wireless screen sharing solutions that only let you cast your device screen, using InstaShare 2 gives you more advanced features that can help make your meetings more dynamic. With InstaShare, you can cast up to nine screens simultaneously on your display. And if you’re using a BenQ Board, you can also annotate over shared content or control your meeting directly from the large touchscreen.

Check out our related products below and explore the many ways BenQ Education solutions can support BYOM in your school.

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