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Hybrid Working Solution

Hybrid Working - Futureproof Teamwork
Connect People, Devices and Spaces

BenQ displays for corporate environments enable team collaborations and creativity. Our products help companies overcome time and location restriction and work together despite changing conditions. Cloud whiteboarding, wireless sharing and high quality video conferencing enhance hybrid working, meaning “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) works great every time. BenQ offers easy to use solutions that fuse hardware and software seamlessly for your teammates at office or home.

Video conferencing

Cloud whiteboard

Instant messaging

Internet connectivity

File handling

Data security

Work hardware

Work software

BenQ interactive display for hybrid working with remote team. Cloud whiteboarding and video conferencing.

Zoom-Certified Video Conferencing Premium Interactive Display

BenQ germ-resistant DuoBoard Interactive Flat Panels consolidates multiple office technology, making it an all-in-one solution that enhances collaboration, communication, and teamwork with built-in video conference solution. Your teams can take their creative ideas from the cloud whiteboard into reality, helping productivity at businesses of all sizes.

BenQ Wireless Smart Projector for Portable Video Conferencing. Perfect for Hybrid Working with Remote Teams.

Portable Video Conference Solution with Wireless Projection

With BenQ wireless smart projector, setting up for a hybrid meeting takes a minute or so in any place. It serves as central and versatile display systems, and work perfectly with high speed internet, video conferencing apps, and cloud services for hybrid meetings. Simply press the power and the projector is ready to work.

BenQ presentation displays for hybrid working. Work together with BenQ interactive displays.
Efficient Presentation Displays to Extend Your Workplace

BenQ Smart Signage features a smart yet simple interface for quick hosting a meeting without the hassle. It facilitates presentations, video conferencing and communication on every occasion, from brainstorming to crucial decision making.

BenQ Professional webcam with digital zoom to facilitate your video conferencing with your hybrid or remote teams.
Video Conference Camera for Ultimate Hybrid Meeting

Bring your meetings to life with BenQ video conferencing solutions. Equipped with AI-powered auto framing, 4K UHD video, and omnidirectional microphones, BenQ DVY22 webcam is designed to provide the ultimate video conferencing experience.

BenQ Eye-Care Monitor for Work at Home. Flick-free, low blue light, and brightness intelligence.
Productivity at Home with Eye-Care Monitors

BenQ eye-care monitors feature ergonomic designs and unique Brightness Intelligence Technology. You can work just as effectively and productively in the comfort of your own home. The flick-free, low blue light monitor will keep you from eye strain after working long hours.

Interactive Flat Panel
Wireless Smart Projector
Meeting Room Signage
Video Conference Camera

Experiences Go Beyond Devices and Locations

BenQ products offer designs that cater to a highly dynamic and mobile work culture. Device interconnectivity, platform compatibility, and experience portability all create a collaborative ecosystem that greatly improves your productivity.

BenQ Exclusive Software

Annotate and Collaborate with the Cloud

Instant Message Broadcasting

Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaboration

Your Ultimate Device Management Solution

Instantly Access and Manage Personal Data

*Available on selected products.

Technology/ Software Partners

*Available on selected products.

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BenQ display solution for hybrid and remote working in the modern workplace

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