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Blended learning in the classroom
Social distancing in Class

Balancing education and health-related priorities, schools need to develop the capacity for blended learning. When it comes to a new norm of blended learning, education technology has to be a key component of this plan.

Feel as being in the Same Class

BenQ offers a range of future-proof display combination solutions for blended learning classrooms, enabling teachers to fluently engage with remote students the same way as those in-class students. Questions and reactions, allowing students to interact with each other online, making every student feels like they are in the same class.


Safety comes first, for both student and teacher. Go beyond just delivering lectures, protect your class with Germ Resistant Panel, Air Quality Sensor & Eye-Care Technologies.

Facilitate blended learning with dual screens for a large-sized classroom

Equipped with both video conferencing and cloud collaboration, the teacher can engage with students and see their reactions in real-time, encouraging both in-class and remote students to discuss and interact during the class session.

Facilitate blended learning with a single and interactive screen for a small-sized classroom

Blended learning enables the teacher to bring in-class and remote teaching together and equally providing remote students with the same lecture content as well as the opportunity to ask questions or interact with others.

Ready for Blended Learning?

See how BenQ Education Solution can facilitate your blended classroom.

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