HDR Support for Displays and Recommendations

Where can I find HDR support for displays and HDR content?

Does the High Dynamic Range effect on an HDR monitor equal to HDR photography?

Although both terms encompass HDR, the essence of HDR photography on a high-end smartphone is different from the effect on an HDR monitor. HDR photography enhances picture quality by simultaneously shooting several photos with different exposure values (EV) and combining them into one photo with the largest EV. HDR monitors implement a new image standard which displays images by enhancing the brightness/darkness of signals and color range. HDR monitors can show details more clearly and vividly and achieve a more natural-looking image.


HDR Photography on Smartphone

HDR on Display

HDR Photography on Smartphone

Secondary function
HDR on Display
Built-in feature

HDR Photography on Smartphone

Shoot 3 photos with different EV and mergecombine into the best shot
HDR on Display
Eliminate imaging loss during video post-production and reveal natural-looking images on HDR monitor

HDR Photography on Smartphone

Compensate for either over- or under-exposure to achieve a more detailed image
HDR on Display
Increase image clarity and vividness by enhancing the contrast and color. All details are revealed to achieve natural-looking 

How can I enjoy true HDR videos and gaming?

An HDR display is your ticket to the HDR world, and the next step is to decide how to explore HDR content. There are several ways to enjoy supreme image quality on your HDR display:
1. Rent or buy an HDR Blu-ray, HDR game or HDR streaming services (Internet connection that’s fast enough to stream high quality HDR content.)
2. Devices (including monitors, players, and cables) that support high quality HDR videos.

Which players and hosts can truly display HDR?

With more and more channels providing HDR content, the most frequently used and popular internet platforms are providing HDR content. The easiest ways to enjoy HDR content are:
1. Shoot your own HDR videos and view the content via the HDMI, DP or USB Type-C port on the host or player.
2. Many online videos, such as music videos or movies, are now available in HDR. Download them directly or play them via online streaming.
3. Leading media sites and streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV now provide HDR content.

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