BenQ Brings Learning to Life in Today's Interactive Classroom Environment

With the improvement of classroom technologies comes the opportunity for a better total classroom experience. BenQ offers an interactive classroom environment that meets all kinds of teaching and learning demands.

Education Projectors

With a complete line of projectors, softwares and accessories, the BenQ classroom interactive solution is a flexible set of tools that educators can use to enrich and enliven the classroom learning experience. From collaborative Bring-Your-Own-Device capabilities to interactive hardware to multi-useds software, teachers have more and more options with which to build engaging activities for a whole classroom of students.

Interactive Flat Panels

Make classrooms more engaging with BenQ Interactive Flat Panels. The display will provide teachers and students with more involving and highly immersive learning experience. For today's interactive classroom equipped with all sorts of digital devices and media players, versatile BenQ Interactive Flat Panels with superior image quality and interactive capability are not only the foundation where richer and more inspiring teaching materials is built upon, but also where students actively show their achievement.

Document Camera

Energize and engage students instantly with still images, video and even real subjects on the big projected screen! S30 document camera is a total interactive solution features 5-Megapixel color sensor, 40x zoom with constant aperture zoom lens and XGA native resolution, that helps turn every lesson into a spontaneous and fun journey.