Brighten Up Your Classroom
with BlueCore Technology
Power Smarter with
SmartEco Advaced

Advancing into a Brighter, Greener Future with SmartEco™ Advanced Technology

Powered by BenQ’s BlueCore light source, the SmartEco Advanced technology is built to deliver the most optimal colors and details in the most energy-efficient way by dynamically adjusting the projector brightness level. With the capability to reduce power consumption by up to 90%, this technological breakthrough cuts down energy bills considerably while extending the duration of the light source life.

*Lamp life results may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage.

SmartEco Advanced Advantages

Impressive Brightness

The innovative technology of SmartEco Advanced is able to detect the input source to determine the optimal amount of brightness required to deliver superb color and contrast. By decreasing the brightness in situations, you’re able to reduce your light source power consumption.

Longer Lighting Life

SmartEco Advanced is able to significantly increase the lighting life by optimizing projector light source performance. As a result, schools can enjoy lower operating and maintenance costs and meet green goals.

High Energy Efficiency

When an average classroom is not being used, it’s usually showing static content that’s wasting energy. With SmartEco Advanced, the projector only consumes as much energy as required for optimal contrast, thus, prevents wasting valuable power when not in use.

BlueCore Advantages
Eco Cycle System:
Saving Power While Supporting Better Classroom Instruction

Designed to provide the highest energy efficiency in any educational setting, the Eco Cycle System effectively manages the lamp power system to eliminate the risks of wasting lamp power and electricity, save the time of waiting before and after class for power on and off, as well as minimize projector maintenance.