Brighten Up Your Classroom
with BlueCore™ Technology
Power Smarter with
SmartEco™ Advanced

Brighten Up Your Classroom with BenQ’s Latest BlueCore™ Light Source

No more compromises. It is a common struggle for schools to search for the right classroom projectors, trying to find the perfect balance of quality, reliability and value. This is why BenQ has made that choice simpler by equipping a selection of its education projectors with the cutting-edge BlueCore light source. By using a pure laser light source rather a traditional mercury lamp, BlueCore enables projectors to deliver superb images with high contrasts and optimal details while significantly lowering the total cost of ownership, saving power and staying eco-friendly.

BlueCore Advantages
What Makes It the Most Promising Light Source

20000 Hours* of Optimal
Brightness & Performance

BlueCore can dim the light source power by up to 90% and still achieves a high-contrast ratio up to 80000:1. This allows students to learn with ultra-sharp images and text.

* Lamp life results may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage.

SmartEco™ Advanced
for Drastic Power Efficiency

A laser light source can be dimmed by up to 10% of its brightness, enabling the light source power consumption to be reduced by 90%.

Instant On/Off Means
Not Waiting Around

It only takes a few seconds for a BlueCore projector to reach full brightness, so it’s always ready one lesson after another without the need to warm up or cool down.

Adjustable Brightness

Manually adjust the brightness level of a BlueCore projector to suit different lighting conditions and to conserve power. This can’t be done with a traditional projector.

360° Tilt Projection Flexibility

Now you can have the freedom to set up a BlueCore projector any way you like it, thanks to the friendly heat sink design. Place it in either direction around the vertical!