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Single Monitor Arm | AS10

  • Easily lift the monitor off desktop or swing it aside

  • Hidden compartments for tool storage and cable management

  • Clamp and grommet bases for a flexible installation


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Single Monitor Arm

Healthy ergonomic adjustability for space savings and enhanced productivity


Clamp base

Grommet base

Progressive Ergonomics for Digital Lifestyles

Awkward posture and back pain can result from incorrect positioning of the screen and source documents. The screen should be in a neutral, relaxed position for your body and eyes. Letting you place your monitor wherever you want, the BenQ Single Monitor Arm promotes workplace health and comfort while reducing clutter to free up desktop space. Counterbalanced with gas-spring assist, you can easily adjust the monitor to any position, relieving strain on your neck, shoulder, back, and eyes. The arm can lift the monitor off your desktop or even swing it aside, creating more valuable desk real estate.

BenQ single monitor arm supports VESA 100mm x 100mm or 75mm x 75mm mounting for monitors weighing 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) to 8 kg (17.6 lbs) with height adjustment range of 315mm (12.4”), full 180o swivel, -20o~90o monitor tilt, -30o~65o arm tilt and 360o pivot rotation capabilities to let you place your monitor with ideal ergonomic alignment at any angle, orientation, and eye level.

The single monitor arm’s precision craftsmanship and high-quality mechanical design enables smooth swiveling, tilting, rotating, and height adjustments at your fingertips while securely supporting the monitor once set in place.

Modern Materials and Engineered Versatility

Constructed of high-strength steel and advanced aluminum alloys, the single monitor arm is beautifully designed with a robust base for absolute stability in both clamp and grommet type installations. Featuring hidden compartments for tool storage and cable management, the arm even lets you adjust torque support without need for special tools, or tighten completely using the included hex key.

Steps of Installation
Step 1

Secure the base on the table using clamp or grommet installation.

Step 2

Place lower arm into base and lock with torque knob or hex key.

Step 3

Attach monitor to upper arm included M4 screws.

Step 4

Connect the upper and lower arms.