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27 дюймовый 4К монитор для фотографов с Adobe RGB | SW271C

  • Создан специально для обработки фотографий с помощью технологии AQCOLOR для точного воспроизведения цветов

  • Расширенный динамический диапазон (HDR) с поддержкой видеоформата 24/25/30P

  •  USB-C™ для подачи питания и передачи контента 



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  • What is AQCOLOR?
  • What is uniformity technology?
  • How often do I need to calibrate my monitor?
  • What is hardware calibration and how it can help me?
  • What do I need to do hardware calibration my monitor?
  • Do I need to calibrate my monitor every time before I use it?
  • Can I install and use other third party calibration software?
  • Where can I download Palette Master Element software?
  • What is the specification of the USB-C port?
  • Can I use USB-C to charge my Macbook pro?
  • What is AQCOLOR?
  • AQCOLOR is BenQ's unique color technology to deliver accurate colors from its professional monitors to its respective users. "Colors You Can Trust" is the goal that BenQ would like its users to experience from color-critical monitors to the services it provides.

  • How frequent should I calibrate the monitor?
  • We suggest customers calibrate monitors every two weeks or every month at most for the best results.

  • What is hardware calibration and how can it help me?
  • Hardware calibration adjusts colors through direct monitor processing changes to achieve accurate colors. 

  • What do I need when calibrating a monitor?
  • Calibrators like X-Rite i1 Display Pro and Datacolor Spyder X are needed. Also please download BenQ's Palette Master Element software from our official website.

  • Does my monitor need to be calibrated before use?
  • With optimized factory calibration, you get the best monitor for color-critical work out of the box with numerous industry standard preset modes. However, we still suggest you manually calibrate your moniroe at least once a month to retain that level of precision.

  • Where can I download Palette Master Element software?
  • Please go to the BenQ support site to download the software:

  • Where can I download Paper Color Sync?
  • Please go to the BenQ support site to download the software:

  • What is Paper Color Sync software for?
  • Paper Color Sync allows users to simulate the look and color properties of printed hardcopies based on specific printer and paper combination, With Paper Color Sync the color difference between your monitor and print copies stays minimal.

  • Can I use USB-C to charge my MacBook pro?
  • Yes. The monitor's USB-C port delivers 60W which is sufficient for Windows laptop/Macbook/Macbook pro.

    Please check with your laptop manufacturer to see if the USB-C port on your laptop supports DP alt mode, power and data transmission.

  • What is the purpose of the USB-C port?
  • The USB-C port accepts data, video, audio, and power from one cable.