Immersive Restaurant

These days it’s not enough for a restaurant to just have great food: The dining experience is also key. For instance, one survey showed that a striking 88% of millennials enjoy exploring new cultures through food, while 71% like to attend food-focused events. To deliver the truly immersive food-centric experience these customers are looking for, you might need a little help. Fortunately, BenQ Laser Projectors are ready to light the way forward as you reimagine your restaurant or even build a new one from the ground up.

Learn why BenQ is the best partner for outfitting your immersive restaurant
  • BlueCore Laser Technology and Dual Color Wheels deliver exquisite image quality that let you create the perfect aesthetic to lure in your ideal customers and keep them coming again and again

  • 360° Installation, Optional lenses, Motorized Zoom, and Lens Shift features, offer flexible installation options and allow restaurants to easily create fully immersive experiences

  • BenQ’s exclusive MDA software lets operators manage and monitor multiple devices from a central location, making it easy to change content and ensure that all displays and projectors are performing at their best
Large Venue Laser Projectors
Ultimate Performance and Versatility for Large Public Venues
BlueCore Laser Projection for Long-Lasting Superior Image Quality

By combining a solid-state BlueCore Laser module with innovative DLP technology, BenQ Laser Projectors are engineered to produce unrivaled high-lumen brightness. This allows operators to create animated menu boards and exquisite video walls even in bright, well-lit restaurants. To harness the high output of BlueCore laser light, the BenQ Laser Projector’s dual color wheels are fully integrated to produce flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance, and fidelity.

Dual Color Wheels for Optimal Color Performance

The BenQ Laser Projector's powerful BlueCore laser projection utilizes a dual color wheel system to produce unparalleled color performance. Reaching up to 95% of the Rec. 709 standard, BlueCore technology can deliver immersive images with rich, true-to-life colors that will ensure a fully engaging dining experience for customers.

DLP Technology for Vibrant Color that Lasts

BenQ Laser Projectors are based on the absolute reliability of the 1-chip DLP design. The highly durable DLP chip can last over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text over countless uses.

Integrated Edge Blending for Panoramic Projections

Edge blending adjusts the brightness near intersecting areas of multi-screen projections. Meanwhile, color matching can be used to calibrate differences in the color output profile of each projector. BenQ Laser Projectors also feature Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) modes for enhanced multi-source projection.

360° Rotation and Optional Lenses for Ultimate Installation Flexibility

360° rotation and portrait orientation capabilities allow for a multitude of installation options, especially when combined with optional lenses. These lenses maximize installation flexibility and let users choose exactly where and how big they want projected content to be. With the capability to project images and video onto ceilings, angled walls and floors, BenQ Laser Projectors empower users to craft the perfect immersive experience that will captivate diners.

Motorized Zoom, Focus, Lens Shift and Memory

BenQ Laser Projectors boast a wide range of convenient systems to assist with fine adjustments, including motorized zoom, focus and horizontal/vertical lens shift systems. This combination of features helps overcome installation challenges and ensures the delivery of perefectly proportioned images even in difficult venues. Furthermore, customizable memory enables multiple settings to be saved and recalled to optimize projection characteristics for a variety of content and application.

Stay in Control with BenQ MDA software

BenQ’s Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software lets administrators handle scheduling, operation, and maintenance of an entire display network from a single computer. With its scheduling features and remote on/off power control capabilities, MDA’s dashboard can simplify daily routines such as store opening and closing and menu rotations.