BenQ Unveils Product Showcase at GTEC 2013

BenQ Unveils Product Showcase at GTEC 2013


Display Leader Brings Interactive Digital Signage Panels, ZeroFlicker™ Monitors, and Collaborative Projection Technology to Canada's Top Government Tech Conference

TORONTO — Oct. 3, 2013 — BenQ Canada Corp., the world's No. 1 DLP® projector brand and globally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, today announced its product lineup for GTEC 2013. With an award-winning portfolio of projectors, monitors, and digital signage displays, BenQ will showcase new standards in quality, collaboration, and energy savings designed to satisfy the requirements of today's government facilities.

With its large 65-inch display and advanced multitouch technology, BenQ's IL650 digital signage screen brings longer service life, increased interactivity, and better environmental considerations to public information venues. Featuring ambient light sensors to automatically adjust screen brightness according to environmental lighting conditions and LAN control for remote management and maintenance, the panel enhances energy savings and provides more efficient overall 24/7 signage operation. The screen also brings ultra-high brightness, up to 1.07 billion colors, and features anti-image retention to prevent the burned-in effect after extended periods of usage. For large installations, the device's Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) application enables the control of up to 98 displays simultaneously through the local network.

Made to meet the functional, creative, and ergonomic demands of designers, architects, and engineers, the new BenQ BL2410PT WQHD Monitor display is the world's first WQHD monitor designed for 3D printing, CAD (computer-aided design), and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) applications. With Display Pilot software to automatically change color settings based on specific applications, Auto-Pivot automation to dynamically rotate and partition content with just one click, and BenQ's exclusive CAD/CAM viewing mode, which makes small details in wireframes more visible using a special color map, the BL2410PT enables professionals to engage in a more seamless design, production, and 3D printing process. The device also features BenQ's ZeroFlicker™ technology, which increases user comfort during long periods of computer use by eliminating traditional LED flicker issues thanks to a new direct lighting system.

Designed to bring flexibility, performance, and energy savings to small and medium meeting spaces, the MW820ST Short Throw Projector projector features lower short-throw ratios, sharper image quality, and BenQ's leading energy-saving technology to lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Using a high contrast ratio of 12000:1 and 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, the device also ensures bright projections in any ambient light setting, eliminating the need to dim boardroom lights. To simplify both installations and setup by providing added flexibility in projector placement, the MW820ST's short-throw ratio of 0.49 projects a large 87-inch picture from only 36 inches away. Using BenQ's new SmartEco Lamp Care setting, the projector will also dynamically adjust lamp power between 80 and 30 percent, resulting in high contrasts and an incredible 10,000 hours of maximum lamp life.

To bring handheld tablet connectivity to boardrooms and training facilities, the MW821ST enables the integration of iPad® and Android™ tablets, and greater interaction with BenQ's new PointDraw Pen 3.0. The PointDraw Pen enables presenters to write on any projection surface whenever enhanced interactivity is required, while the QDraw3 app — available for download from the Apple® App StoreSM or the Google Play™ Store — can be used via wireless connection with iPad and Android devices. QDraw3 also allows users to access presentation materials and add notes from anywhere in the room while enabling participants to connect via their personal tablets, giving new meaning to the term "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD). For the ultimate collaboration, the interactive software can be upgraded to enable up to 40 users to connect, allowing screen and content sharing between every person in the room.

"Today's government agencies are actively seeking to integrate products that promote collaboration, are simple to use and maintain, offer lower TCO, and an enhanced user experience," said Mike Booker, Vice President of Sales at BenQ Canada Corp. "As we continue to bridge the gap between these functional requirements and the opportunities of today's technological advancements, BenQ is committed to putting innovation at the center of its solutions. We look forward to bringing our market-leading products that combine Colorific™ image quality, handheld integration, and energy efficiency to Canada's premier government technology expo."

BenQ products will be on display in booth 815 at GTEC 2013. More information is available at BenQ Canada Corp.

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