BenQ Projectors Rank Worldwide Top 3 in Q2

BenQ Projectors Rank Worldwide Top 3 in Q2


Taipei, Taiwan, September 29, 2009 – BenQ again saw a strong dynamic coming from its projector business by being the worldwide Top 3 brand in the second quarter. The same robust sales were also spotted in other major markets including Latin America* and Asia Pacific**, especially China.

BenQ was the Top 3 projector brand in 30 countries including China, Japan, Austria, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Russia and Mexico in Q2, according to FutureSource Consulting’s data released in August. It was worldwide No. 1 in short-throw projector segment with a 36.2 percent share.

"We will continue to strive to achieve higher market share and build stronger brand reputation, so as to put our projector name in the global map,” said Conway Lee, President and CEO of BenQ Corp.  The company will divert more focus to innovate in the product category and closely monitor market development, in a bid to unveil offerings that cater to the market’s demand.

The leading provider in digital lifestyle devices also jumped to the second spot in Latin America* by securing a 16.8 percent share in Q2, up from 12.8 percent in the corresponding period last year, a record-breaking market ranking. In Mexico and Brazil, for instance, BenQ was the No. 1 brand with over 32% and 24% share of market respectively.

In Asia Pacific**, its projector sales gained sequential growth of 11 percent in Q2, at the time when the total market size dipped by nearly 10 percent. In July, sales of six countries in Asia Pacific** hit record high; their strong momentum is expected to continue on the back of new product launches.

One notable Q2 success is in China, as BenQ projectors continued its lead in this fast-growing market – a battlefield which attracts both local and international firms to grab a slice of the expanding projector pie.

FutureSource Consulting’s statistics show that from April to June, BenQ outran other major Japanese rivals in China and again succeeded in taking the leadership with a market share of nearly 14 percent. BenQ’s sales in Q2 soared more than 50 percent over the earlier three months.

BenQ saw its projector business experience a strong momentum in the highly competitive China market, by returning to the Top 3 list in Q4 last year. It rose to No. 1 spot in Q1 this year.

The leading position in China came as a pleasant surprise to BenQ as it was achieved earlier than the initial target. According to Hank Horng, President of BenQ China, the triumph was contributed by a number of factors: innovation in technology, precise market positioning, complete range of product offerings, effective operation model, rapport channel partnership, as well as persistent pursuit of market share.

To ride on its growth in China, BenQ has continued its push by unveiling a string of brand new models targeted at the Chinese consumers. It will continue to launch aggressive marketing campaigns in China, as part of company’s overall strategy to win global consumers’ heart with extensive offerings.

* BenQ’s definition of Latin America include the sub regions of South Latin America, North Latin America, Central America and Caribbean
**BenQ’s definition of Asia Pacific includes all Asia Pacific countries, except China and Hong Kong. Middle Eastern and African territories are also included in this definition