BenQ Group Sweeps 15 Awards at red dot

BenQ Group Sweeps 15 Awards at red dot


Taipei, Taiwan, April 1, 2009 – Lined up with an extensive product range, BenQ Lifestyle Design Center and Qisda Creative Design Center, two major design teams under BenQ group, together have swept 15 awards at the prestigious red dot design competition in 2009, making BenQ Group the top winner among all Taiwanese companies for a second consecutive year. Last year, the group clinched 11 awards in the red dot design competition.

The winning entries this year from BenQ Corp. include: BenQ Joybook R47 (which brings together modern technology and traditional craftsmanship), BenQ Joybook P53 (which offers cozy Internet surfing experience with design inspired by sofa), BenQ All-in-one PC (a PC for the whole family), BenQ C850 digital camera (boasting durability and professionalism), as well as BenQ E2400HD LCD monitor (a modern expression of the refined taste).

The remaining 10 awards are the innovations from Qisda Corp.. These products consist of five LED light fixtures, a personal care communications device, a digital photo scanner, a mobile Internet device, a Bluetooth cellphone and a digital photo frame.

The five award-winning LED products are Qisda's first such products as it made foray into the LED lighting market. Qisda has won the second most awards among global competition and is also the top Asian company in the red dot’s lighting and lamps category.

These awards signify that the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen – the international authority on product, concept and communication design that organizes red dot awards – paid high recognition to the excellent design creativity of both BenQ’s Lifestyle Design Center and Qisda’s Creative Design Center. Together, the group’s two major design centers have garnered more than 200 international design awards since 2002, a proven track record in its prowess of product design.

"These red dot awards show that our design philosophy and direction are highly recognized by the international design community,” said Manfred Wang, Chief Design Officer who helms both design teams.

According to Wang, the group has a design philosophy that aims to transcend Western and Eastern cultures and marry rationality and sensibility to create user-friendly experience. Its design is now paying more attention to consumers' lifestyle and demands in order to churn out products that cater to their practical needs with aesthetic element. A mere focus on pursuing complicated technologies or more powerful product specifications will not take the company far, he said.

Red dot is no doubt a coveted award for the international design community, according to Wang. Renowned designers and design experts from all over the world come together as the group of jurors, reviewing the entries based on criteria such as degree of innovation, aesthetics, marketability, practicality, functionality, ergonomics and environment friendliness.

These 15 products from BenQ Group will be displayed before an international audience in red dot design museum at Zeche Zollverein, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in Germany, from January 7, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

BenQ Joybook R47
Joybook R47 employs modern technology to recreate the beauty of traditional woven leather craftsmanship in Italy. Injection molding is used to create the 3D leather weave and a repeated etching process creates the fine leather texture. Then a special coating is applied to create the supple feel of leather and the feel of leather extends from the exterior to the palm rest inside.  The indicator lights have been integrated into the touch pad to give the laptop a more elegant and clean look. Joybook R47 offers the it-centric lifestyle a touch of class with the beauty of master craftsmanship.

BenQ Joybook P53
BenQ’s Joybook P53 is a 15-inch laptop designed to connect home living, the Internet and multimedia devices. The design is inspired by a comfortable sofa. A large swath of leather covers the top of a well-rounded laptop, giving a relaxing and comfortable feel. The contrast created by metal and supple leather presents a minimalist urban style. The overlapping pattern on the metal strip’s surface not only symbolizes the connection between social networking and cyberspace but also conveys the fashion trend toward of combining comfort and information technology.

BenQ All-in-one PC
All-in-one is designed for high frequency family users looking for a simple lifestyle. It offers basic function but also help the elderly to get access to computer-using more easily by customized and simplified design in user interface. The design concept of All-in-one comes from house plants and desk lamp, which helps it to match household surroundings perfectly and become a member of the family.

BenQ C850 Digital Camera
BenQ’s C850 is about durability and professionalism.  The metallic block at the front was inspired by the strong and long-lasting characteristics of “ore” and a reflection to the product’s credibility.  It is covered in leather front to back and creates a warm touch in the palm. The design breaks the stereotypical complexity and fragility of digital products and builds up a connection to everyday lives.

BenQ E2400HD LCD Monitor
BenQ’s E2400HD is a modern expression of refined taste. The inspiration came from classic furniture styles. Smooth contours bring all aspects of the design to a well-rounded finish. The metallic material surrounding the mirror coating gives off a feeling of simplicity and the leather texture on the back adds warmth while creating an alluring contrast to the coolness of the mirrored surface.

QPS-101 Photo Scanner
This is a sleek photo scanner with “simplicity” in mind for its design concept. The entire scanning process can be completed without a computer, therefore even non-tech savvy users could easily operate the device and convert traditional pictures into digital format.

QPD-501 Personal Care Communications Device
QPD-501, a personal care communications device, is designed for patients living at home. It reminds them of regular medical check-ups, like blood pressure or blood sugar, whether they are home or outside, and transmits instantly the data to hospital via the Internet or GPRS mobile connection. Doctor can thus track the patients' conditions without their physical presence.
A built-in emergency button, once touched by patients at critical moment, instantly notifies the hospital which will then come to the rescue immediately.

This mobile Internet device (MID), whose design is derived from bookmark, comes in handy for professionals who demand the best Internet experience while on the go. The red Hot Key located at the upper left corner can be pressed for instant Internet connection. The pocket size allows great portability while the metallic etched exterior offers comfy grip to users.

QDF-101 Digital Photo Frame
This unique digital photo frame has a specially designed stand and an exchangeable exterior frame. Responding to the make-it-yourself (MIY) trend, it could be customized and integrated to blend into consumers' living taste. Unlike other similar products with extendable stands for height adjustment, the QDF-101 uses a knob-like stand which users can easily turn and change the height and direction of the frame. It also features an exchangeable exterior frame that can be replaced easily to match different interior designs.

Qisda QCM-110 cellphone
This is the world's first concept mobile phone where Bluetooth earphone is designed as an integral part of the phone. Placed at the back of the phone, the Bluetooth earphone can be easily charged while attached to the phone. This is an eco-friendly design offering users greater portability and convenience. 

Qisda Crystal (QLD-101) LED Light Fixture
The concept of the Crystal Light is derived from natural glowing crystal that diffuses amazing shimmers of light. It is a high-tech fixture composed of a series of lighting units, each of which sports a crystal-like look and is connected by magnet with adjacent units. When the Crystal Light is switched off, the metal look emits a mysterious shade. When switched on, light from LED bulb hidden inside of each unit will beam through the diffuser.

Colors of the Crystal Light change in rhythm, like rays of light glistening within crystal, transforming the metal surface into a seducing luminescent show. The Crystal Light fully utilizes the LED's low-temperature feature to eliminate concerns over overheating surfaces. So users can easily manipulate the fixture to create their own unique lighting effects.

Qisda Piano (QLD-201) LED light
QLD-201, a piano-like LED light, is designed for sophisticated users with a refined taste in home decor. Like a piano floating in the air, it emits an elegant and a clean feel. Users can adjust the lighting by pressing the keys, each of which is an independent lighting unit. Light is emitted from either side of each key. One side can provide the type of bright illumination needed for reading and other tasks, while the other side projects ambient light. It can accommodate the diverse requirements of users to create a lighting effect anywhere in the house.

Qisda Piano (QLD-202) LED ceiling light
This ceiling LED light is designed for sophisticated users who are after a refined taste. Formed by long-shaped unit, the white suspended light is wrapped up by a metal frame, making it look sleek and polished. Either side of the unit can emit light. While the upper side creates ambient lighting effect, the other side provides the type of bright illumination needed for reading and other tasks. The minimalist design imbues a subtle elegance into the home decor. Its neat design also makes it a perfect choice to match with stylish work venue.

Qisda Coral (QLD-102) LED Table Lamp
Coral (QLD-102), a LED table lamp that users can assemble themselves, is designed for young users seeking to create their own home decor style. The design is inspired by corals which look like hydrangea in full blossom. Users can mix up different units to create their favorite lighting effect. At the heart of each unit is a LED light bulb, which is smaller in size and lower in temperature than traditional light bulb. So users can easily toy with the units without worrying of burning heat of traditional light bulb. Leveraging LED features, this table lamp can fulfill users’ “make it yourself” desire to create different ambience. It is more fun and adapts adeptly to any home interiors.

Qisda Coral (QLD-103) LED Pendant Light
This is targeted at young users seeking unique design to brighten up their home. When used individually, it looks like a blossoming flower, adding an elegant touch to your home decor. When hung in 16 units together, they resemble a flower garden in the air, imbuing chromatic hues of light into the home space. The hydrangea-like lights create dreamy ambience as LED lights beam through the petal-like unit, resulting in unique visual effect of light and shadows.