BenQ China Demonstrates Strong Performance and Growth, Countering Recession

BenQ China Demonstrates Strong Performance and Growth, Countering Recession

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, February 18th, 2009 – BenQ China today announced strong business performance thanks to initiatives implemented the third quarter of 2008, countering challenges brought by the global economic downturn. In China, BenQ recaptured a top-three market share in LCD monitors and projectors and is one of the top five in the new netbook market, all of which demonstrate BenQ’s resilience during the current recession.

In 2008, BenQ gained outstanding business momentum in LCD monitors in China after recapturing a top-three position starting in the third quarter of 2008 and exceeding market growth during the fourth quarter of 2008. The fourth-quarter 2008 sales volume of BenQ LCD monitors in China grew by 11% from the previous quarter and more than 110% from the same period a year ago, based on a report from market research firm IDC. BenQ’s market share also rose to 12.7%. BenQ reinforced its leading position by launching a series of high-definition products with 16:9 aspect ratios ahead of the competition in the second half of 2008.

"The economic downturn is a challenge and an opportunity,” said BenQ China President Hank Horng. “In China, we focused our investment on key markets and product lines and boosted demand by releasing new products during the second half of 2008.”

BenQ ranked third in China’s projector market with a share of nearly 10% after fourth-quarter 2008, while sales volume grew year-over-year by 25%. Although the recession has limited consumers’ buying power, BenQ remains committed to providing the most complete line of projectors for various applications with innovations such as short-throw technology.

BenQ addressed demand accurately in various segments of the projector market and released over 10 products during the second half of last year. The new products meet demand in market segments for public entertainment, personal display, small-scale lectures, business meetings and home-theater applications.

Since Horng took over leadership of BenQ China about six months ago, he has helped to implement new core values of simplicity, austerity, alacrity and precision to effectively transform the company’s operation model, business structure and retail channel deployment, thereby boosting business performance.

The Joybook Lite U101 is the best example of Horng’s achievements in the China market. After the fourth-quarter 2008 launch of the U101, BenQ quickly captured the fifth rank in netbooks, a market created little more than a year ago. BenQ attributed the rise in market position to successful product and marketing strategies, prompt response to market demand and effective execution. In regional markets, BenQ achieved record revenue from the Hong Kong Computer Festival I.T. Show in Dec. 2008 — garnering 25 million HK dollars within four days after selling around 10,000 LCD monitors, 5,000 LCD televisions, 3,000 digital cameras and over 1,000 notebooks.

Regarding the outlook for the China market in 2009, Horng expects to boost business momentum with LCD monitors and projectors and is aiming for innovative breakthroughs to become the top supplier. BenQ LCD monitors are known for their fast response time thanks to the use of innovative technology.

BenQ expects to keep gaining market share by releasing more Lookin’ Great’ products such as the Joybook Lite and its nScreen line of all-in-one PCs. With the best product portfolios and more vigorous corporate operations, BenQ expects to achieve new records in China.