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gavin gough


Freelance Photographer and Writer/ UK

Gavin Gough es un fotógrafo y escritor independiente que actualmente reside en Tailandia. Gavin trabaja en misiones para clientes editoriales, comerciales y de ONG y ha fotografiado en más de 50 países de todo el mundo.

Gavin Gough is a freelance photographer and writer. His work for editorial, commercial and NGO clients has received wide recognition and his work has been described as "original, very social, with a particularly humanistic way of seeing the world and its people".

Gough's documentary work in Asia, African and the Indian sub-continent has been published in The Guardian, New York Times, Telegraph, National Geographic Traveler, GEO and others. His images have been exhibited in London, Bangkok and New York.

Gavin Gough’s photography is represented by Getty Images, Lonely Planet and 4Corners. He is currently based in Thailand.

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