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BenQ Promotes Ultimate Viewing Comfort with Cutting-Edge Comprehensive Eye-Care Solution

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology, Low Blue Light Plus Technology, and Flicker-Free Protect User Vision Health


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Aug 25, 2017 – BenQ, the global leading innovator in displays, today announced upgraded eye-care technologies, prioritizing utmost viewing comfort and user vision safety in all of its leading monitor products. As the industry leader in eye-care monitors, BenQ delivers exclusive preventive technologies including Brightness Intelligence Technology, Low Blue Light Technology, and Flicker-free, as well as newly updated Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology and Low Blue Light Plus Technology, to safeguard eye health in a wide range of display applications.


“Monitors serve as our windows into the world, surrounding us with digital information, immersive entertainment, and social interaction,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “People rely on monitors to work, learn, and play, often utilizing multiple screens. BenQ eye-care technologies let users confidently discover the world through our monitors without any concern for adverse health effects such as computer vision syndrome.”


Tradition of Eye Care Innovation

The leading authority in eye-care solutions, BenQ’s pioneering initiative comprises three key technologies that protect vision health, provide comfort without eye fatigue, and preserve uncompromised picture quality for users to maximize the monitor’s potential to visualize the world:


Intelligent Ambient Display Optimization for Eye Comfort
BenQ Brightness Intelligence Technology actively adjusts brightness according to on-screen content and environmental light conditions. New for 2017, Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+) Technology senses ambient color temperature in addition to surrounding brightness to automatically adjust display brightness and color temperature for the most comfortable and accurate viewing experience. Utilizing sophisticated real-time algorithms, B.I.+ Technology avoids overexposure in bright scenes while preserving subtle details in dark scenes to deliver optimal clarity and color quality.


Blue Light Filter to Preserve Vision Health and Perfect Picture Performance
BenQ Low Blue Light Technology filters harmful blue light in successive stages depending on content to prevent eye fatigue. Protecting against hazardous short-wavelength blue light, newly upgraded Low Blue Light Plus Technology rejects higher-energy blue-violet radiation in wavelengths ranging from 420nm to 455nm, while allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light in the 455nm – 480nm range to eliminate eye irritation without any degradation to picture performance.


Flicker-Free Performance for Comfortable Viewing Without Fatigue
Eliminating fatigue-inducing flicker at all brightness levels, BenQ Flicker-Free ensures maximum user comfort. Unlike conventional LCD screens that imperceptibly flicker 250 times per second, BenQ eye-care monitors provide immediate relief from eyestrain.


BenQ eye-care monitors cater to a wide range of users ranging from families at home and general office workers to creative professionals and video enthusiasts. Specifically designed to enhance enjoyment and productivity in each intended application, BenQ eye-care technology preserves superb image quality and comfortable, healthy operation in extended viewing sessions without any concern for vision health.


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